Warmly congratulate Hang Lung International "Eurolook gifted Luo Ke" women's clothing store opened


Warmly congratulate the excellent Rocco women's dress shop opened in Hang Lung International "Eurolook excellent Rocco" Women audience 8.8 fold buy Jisong exquisite pendant address: four on the west side Hang Lung International

Eurolook gifted Luo Ke, meaning Europe, was born in the year 2001. Outside the Paris Fashion Week in 2001, fashionable people coming to attend major brand launches became the focal point of the camera in order to stand out in the crowd. They were sometimes individualized, sometimes retro, sometimes innovative, and even weird, Different, but that fashion under the coat wrapped in fashion heart, but as hot, young!

This European tour gives us a European impression, not a certain trend, nor a dress style, but not the latest big quarter fabric and color, but a long time can not calm down mood , Is a firm attitude of "fashion" permanent - always keep young heart!

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