Separate second child let go, light luxury brand KLAOSD staking their names in China


Children's clothing market has great potential for development, it has become a lot of clothing enterprises a new force point. Recently, the "Decision of the CPC Central Committee on Several Important Issues of Fully Deepening Reform" announced the relaxation of the policy of "second child alone," which brought a new opportunity for the children's wear industry to develop. The domestic and international apparel brands even accelerated the layout of the children's wear market. Industry experts believe that the "single second child" policy liberalization is the development of the children's clothing industry is good, but the requirements for children's clothing is much higher than adult clothing, comfort and safety is restricting the development of China's short-sleeved children's clothing. Apparel enterprises in advance layout of the children's wear market In 2010, China's infant and child clothing market has reached 34.8 billion yuan. In the coming years, with the continuous growth of the Chinese children's population, the infant clothing market will continue to maintain a strong momentum of development. National Bureau of Statistics released "2012-2015 children's clothing industry report" shows that the output value of children's clothing industry annual growth rate of 25% to 30%, estimated that by 2015, China's infant and young children's apparel cotton and daily necessities market will reach 227.98 billion yuan. The "second child" policy more for children's clothing market has brought new opportunities. This reporter has learned that after the promulgation of the national policy of "separate second child", KLAOSD, a light luxury brand in the domestic children's wear and children's shoes industry, reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Paris in spring and successfully entered Xiamen in the spring of Xiamen. This is the first time KLAOSD settled in Greater China and Paris Spring cooperation, but also following Wanda Department Store, Ocean Department Store, Clauston to open up another high-end mall channels. Mr. He Jun, General Manager of KLAOSD Greater China, pointed out that entering Paris in spring is only a prelude to the KLAOSD brand channel expansion in 2014 and the Company will strive to complete the nationwide distribution of brand channels in 2015 in order to promote the brand's new development. Through many communications with international brand operation teams and elite designers, KLAOSD finally decided to start the brand globalization strategy and set up a children's light luxury building in Greater China. KLAOSD light luxury products redefined the children's "luxury lifestyle" construction. This is a bold attempt, from the overall brand system structure to product style interpretation, we have seen a different story. KLAOSD pays attention to promoting the concept of "light luxury" brought by the brand to consumers. This performance not only lies in the sensory enjoyment of "high-end, simplicity, quality and England" brought by the brand vision to consumers. What is more, in the brand culture, the British "knight spirit" as the blueprint depicts a new "elite culture." This is a sharing of life attitude, a quality of life concept of communication. What KLAOSD really wants to bring to people is not only the change of people's dress concept, but also the idea that their own brand culture can lead a revolution in the concept of quality life.

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