BELLO ANN 2014 spring new look ahead


BELLO ANN 2014 spring new look ahead, the spring of 2014 BELLO ANN Qiao Li, spring, summer, autumn and winter, a variety of carnival day and night names, so that the atmosphere of life has become rich, but strong, this series of soft and beautiful color tone photos Bright haze of brown-green, with the formation of warm colors, with gorgeous embroidery, irregular cutting edge, all kinds of knitting, ubiquitous bring us the warm nostalgic atmosphere.

贝洛安 - BELLO ANN BELLO ANN  2014春装新款抢先看 BELLO ANN  2014春装新款抢先看 BELLO ANN  2014春装新款抢先看

Inspiration: pleasant early spring afternoon

Traits: casual, comfortable, will be;

Elements: loose, straight lines, embroidery, multi-level;

Color: pink color, white, light rice, brown green;

Bello fashion designer brand has always been focused fashion, so you experience different in this early spring themselves.

Patient gown is the clothing worn by the sick or wounded when they are hospitalized in a hospital or rehabilitation institution. It is convenient to wear and take off and wash, and also convenient for hospital management.The design is probably the same as pyjamas, the pattern is stripe, the stripes are mostly blue and white, but there are also three colours and above.

Dressing the patient in hospital gown does have the meaning of identifying the patient easily.If patients wear their own clothes, it is difficult for medical staff to know who is the family member and who is the patient.In addition, the name of the department will be marked on the hospital gown, so that the medical staff can quickly confirm which department the patient belongs to.When patients transfer to another department, they will also change the hospital gown of the corresponding department.Ii. From the perspective of hygiene, if the hospital gown is stained with blood or stains, it can be replaced in time to prevent cross-infection of contaminated wounds.The hospital has a special disinfection supply department at any time to send disinfection sterilization.

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