Inside the eight-shaped, Luoquan legs wear what kind of pants


Female legs have a special charm that is symmetrical slender bodybuilding. Such legs, whether wearing trousers or wearing short skirts are impeccable. However, it is not satisfactory in real life. There are many women who do not have thick legs or short legs. Some also have unsatisfactory appearances due to physical defects, These problems have increased the worries of women. How to use clothing to make up for leg defects, relieve your troubles.


Thick legs how to do?

In general, the thick legs of women are not suitable for wearing tight pants, because it is too easy to expose the defect of the leg, then wear a skirt? Too short a skirt does not work, do not let the legs bare too much. It is best to wear a simple skirt, the effect of wearing a long skirt is not bad, bell-bottoms also the better choice.

How to do thin legs?

In terms of proportion, if the legs are too thin, they are not suitable for wearing tight-fitting skirts instead of wearing them. Slender, crisp pants will be more beautiful, such as with full wool fabric trousers. In the color choices to favor the bright, elegant colors is appropriate, put on such trousers will naturally seem a lot of plump legs.

Short legs how to do?

Due to the physical characteristics of Asians, mostly fat lower body mostly, according to the general proportion, the proportion of legs accounted for less than 1/2 of short legs. Short legs, people often feel shorter than the actual number of heads, so it is a disadvantage. So, how to change

Change it?

If the legs are short, the waist is thinner, the width of the hip is wider, the most suitable for wearing a skirt, so that it can help avoid weakness, which is not suitable for wearing pants (especially straight-legged pants). A kind of dress. Or wear to cover the hip turn line, slightly longer coat, and is not waist, it can not see the length of the leg.

Ankle too thick how to do?

The so-called ankle is too thick refers to the ankle is too thick. The average woman's ankles are more lines, which reveals its unique beauty. And too thick to cover up the way to solve. This category of women is more suitable to wear high shoes or boots, with a skirt, or wearing trousers to cover their feet enough. In general, should not wear a skirt directly exposed ankle.

Collar legs how to do?

The so-called Luoquan leg means the leg shape is not straight enough. Generally divided into the upper circle and the lower circle, referring to the thigh or calf is not upright.

Bald legs are generally considered inappropriate to wear tight pants, especially shorts or mini skirts. You can wear loose trousers or skirts, or long skirts, etc., in order not to reveal the ring shape prevail. Looping leg of the legs are generally more leggy, so the coat to be slightly shorter, to show the leg length, pants should not be too long, should be slightly shorter than the average standard to highlight the ankle, so that it may seem leg length.

How to deal with horoscope legs?

Within the eight-character means that when some people stand or move around, the direction of the two feet showed a tilt inward. Especially ladies, so standing or walking posture is very beautiful. In addition to correcting the body, but also can be used to improve the clothing, such as wearing bell-bottoms, or loose pants, so do not see the legs bent.

X-shaped legs outside how to do?
The so-called x-type leg means that the knee is tilted inward, which is also a sign of insufficient leg shape. From the dress point of view, in order to make up for the visual, we can make full use of the characteristics of clothing lines, emphasizing the beauty of the costumes to show. X-shaped legs of women dressed in bell-bottoms can do this better, bell-bottomed pants to enhance the curve of the changes, so that X-shaped legs to wear its unique flavor, become unfavorable for the benefit. In addition, you can also wear long skirts, long windbreaker, coat and the like, as long as the clothing covered to the calf, the next is good.

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