Various types of winter clothing maintenance methods


Cotton and linen clothing maintenance Such clothing must pay attention to moisture mildew, collection before to be washed and dried. Divided into deep color collection, avoid the mutual staining. Do not wear clothes in summer to dry mildew. Life expectancy will be shortened, the next time you wear the skin will be uncomfortable. Silk clothing maintenance Silk is also the focus of moisture, it can be more delicate than the girls Oh. When washing should be gentle, less crowded, do not twist. When dry, do not place it under the hot sun. Collection time with a good cloth on a dry clean cabinet, should not hang possession, it will deform because of weight, there are white and light collections do not put camphor, do not put in the box of camphor, Will yellow. Nerong clothing maintenance Nerong clothing collection before the wash, it is best to dry cleaning, ironing, dry (must be fully dry) and then received a good. Place in a cool, dry place. The best high-end woolen cloth hanging in the closet, so as not to overweight self-weight deformation. Shrink the mothballs in the closet and clothes pocket when storing. Fur clothing maintenance Fur clothing when trying to avoid tarnished and rain. That will make the hair removal of the garment, the best time to store the "beauty shoulder" like a wide hanger hanging. And put a bag wrapped in paper mothballs pocket, remember to use paper bags. In the V days to take out a bit of anti-insect mildew drying. If placed in the box, the hair should be placed flat in the top, and to be placed on the top of the box. Leather clothing maintenance leather and so should not wear in the rain and snow, when drying generally 9-10 in the morning, 3-4 o'clock in the afternoon, you can not exposure, or the leather will be aging. Collection to hang appropriate. And add paper wrapped mothballs. To increase its softness can be lightly coated with glycerol on its surface. Or leather clothing special agent. Drying can be worn before. Others are relatively simple. In short, no matter what clothing should be clean and dry collection. Storage depends on the structure of the fabric and the physical and chemical properties of the fabric to handle it will not be wrong. ♥ When placing the cotton padding, be neatly stacked or hung inside the wardrobe

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