How to identify the quality of glass silicone sealant


[China Glass Net] Glass glue is a very inconspicuous auxiliary material in building decoration materials, but plays a very important role in construction and interior decoration. Glass glue can bond a lot of materials, such as: glass, ceramics, metal, hard plastic, aluminum-plastic board, stone, wood, brick, cement, etc. The varieties of glass glue on the market are different, single-component, double Components, acidic, neutral, silicone structure, high price, low price, etc., how to choose a kind of use in construction and decoration, good adhesion, pure color, price equivalent Glass glue? Industry experts believe that the glass glue market is mixed, consumers only need to have the following common sense, it is very easy to buy glass glue.

First, it is impossible to save trouble and not be cheap. Although glass glue has been widely used in construction engineering or decoration, most users (some old users who use glass glue for a long time) still put cheap products in the first place, as long as the engineering party does not specify the glass glue brand, choose Low-cost glue is inevitable. It is not known that the use of low-cost glue not only affects the quality of the project, but also the service life. More importantly, it is easy to cause rework, delays in construction, and even liability accidents. In order to win huge profits, unscrupulous traders can make hands and feet on the packaging, use thick bottles to reduce the weight of the glue, and replace the brand glue with inferior glue. The profit obtained is in the price. A low-grade glass glue of the same weight can be three times cheaper than the brand glass glue, but the viscosity and tension of the brand glass glue is 3-20 times stronger than the low-grade glass glue, and the service life is 10-50 times longer. Therefore, engineering units can not save money, shop around to better the quality of the project; consumers can not be cheap, so as not to affect the life of interior decoration.

Second, do not understand the product, do not rush to buy. Some consumers have purchased glass glue without knowing the basics of the product, and many problems have been discovered during use. For example: What is the difference between acid glue and neutral glue? Why is it only structural glue that can achieve structural bonding between the glass? Why do some transparent glass glues change color? What building materials can glass glue stick to? and many more. If you understand the classification, use, restrictions, usage and storage period of the glass glue before purchase, it will definitely save money, reduce the rework during construction, and extend the service life of the glass glue.

Third, the performance is not clear, not blindly used. There are many varieties of glass glue on the market, such as acid glass glue, neutral weathering glue, silicate neutral structural glue, silicone stone glue, neutral mold glue, hollow glass glue, aluminum plastic board special glue, aquarium special glue. , large glass special glue, bathroom anti-mild special glue, acid structural adhesive, etc., users do not fully understand the classification characteristics, applicability, use restrictions and construction methods of glass glue, and more have never been touched. Some units or consumers regard glass glue as a “universal glue”. One year later, it was found that the place where the glass glue was used was peeled off and discolored, and the applicable properties of the glass glue were investigated. The original building materials should be selected from different properties. glue. Therefore, not blindly using glass glue is one of the conditions for purchasing a suitable product.

So, what should you pay attention to when purchasing glass glue?

1. Recognize the brand. Effective registered trademarks, clear image recognition, reasonable price positioning, and perfect after-sales service are the criteria for the recognition of branded products.

2. Look at the packaging. When you look at the carton, there is no product name, factory name, specification, origin, color, date of manufacture, whether there is a certificate of conformity, quality guarantee, or product inspection report in the carton. Second, look at the use, usage, precautions, etc. on the plastic bottle. Clear and complete; three to see if the net content is accurate, the manufacturer must indicate the specification and net content (in grams or milliliters) on the bottle.

3. Gum quality. A smell, two than gloss, three check particles, four look at bubbles, five test curing effect, six test pull and viscosity.

Glass rubber, the name of silicone sealant, has not been listed as an important technical indicator by most manufacturers on the market. Many people know that most glass glues have a pungent smell. In fact, this is a volatile organic compound, VOC, which is very harmful to the human body. Under normal circumstances, the big brand of glass glue is not only more stable in quality, but also does not emit irritating odor, which can ensure the health of all those who are in contact with the product. It is recommended that you minimize exposure and open windows for long periods of time.

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