MexMaxixe brand women's clothing store image how?


If you are a customer, you will go into what style of clothing store? When you are shopping with friends chatting, the most important factor in determining the clothing store you walk into your side? If it is a student, may go into the small fresh, sports and leisure style clothing store, if it is a professional woman, will tend to mature, formal style of the women's clothing store. Then the clothing store decoration image and design style is the most important determinant, allowing customers to judge your clothing store is selling what type of style of clothing.

MexMaxixe women's clothing is a fashion for urban women's clothing, clothing style into the Western elements of international fashion, but also with the characteristics of the oriental women's body, more of the international pop elements cleverly integrated into the Chinese elements. Such as blue and white porcelain printing, including the hip cheongsam, is a classical oriental art elements, but the western elegant modern elements are also closely integrated, such as magic lines, lace dresses, sexy perspective, temperament fur collar, are able to highlight the elements of a large woman style. MexMaxixe women's brand of these elements will be closely scored together to create a multi-directional clothing for urban women.

Since the clear positioning clothing, decoration clothing store would have to fit the style of clothing, MexMaxixe brand women joining shop shop design what kind of how it? The following exquisite store store image, please watch.


MexMaxixe brand women's store image map


MexMaxixe brand women's store image map

With classical wood color as long as the color, from the storefront door to the shelf, as well as the window of the background wall, are the elegant wood color of the material, calm the atmosphere. The specifications of the entire store for the Chinese classical square formal, square and square lobby and the counter, the entire wall and the counter counter color is noble and pure white, with cold light lighting, the entire shop showroom is Glamorous, understated and luxurious scene, for the mature and stylish clothing style - MaxMaxixe women's brand, this decoration design, is just right show.

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