Polypropylene transparent nucleating agent technology


Polypropylene (PP) has excellent properties such as good mechanical properties, non-toxicity, low relative density, heat resistance, chemical resistance, easy processability, easy availability of raw materials, low price, etc. It has now become the fastest growing among the five general-purpose synthetic resins. The most active varieties of new product development are widely used in chemical industry, chemical fiber, construction, light industry, automobile manufacturing, home appliances, packaging materials, etc., and are constantly expanding new application areas. However, compared with PVC and PS, polypropylene has a slower crystallization rate, a longer molding cycle, poor low-temperature impact properties, poor gloss and transparency, a lack of aesthetic appearance, and a high molding shrinkage, which in turn makes its application possible. It has been limited to a certain extent, especially in the fields of transparent packaging, daily necessities and engineering materials.

The modification of polypropylene with a nucleating agent is a simple and effective method for achieving high performance and high transparency of PP. The key to transparent modification is the performance of a nucleating transparent agent.

At present, the global consumption of nucleating transparent agents exceeds 5,000 tons/year, of which 80% are sorbitol nucleating agents. Foreign sorbitol nucleating agent products have been developed to the third generation. At present, the total annual production of polypropylene nucleating and transparent agent in China is about 500 tons. The domestic nucleating and transparent agent is mainly based on the first and second generation products. No matter whether it is variety or quality, it is quite different from foreign products. The output of the company can not meet the needs of the market, resulting in the domestic use of transparent PP special materials used in the manufacture of microwave cutlery, medical injection products, plastic industrial products and other products rely mainly on imports, which is closely related to the development of the domestic PP nucleating agent transparent of. However, the domestic demand for transparent polypropylene resins is rapidly increasing. Transparent polypropylene has become a new selling point in the domestic polypropylene resin market. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop high-performance, new-generation polypropylene nucleation and transparency agents. It is estimated that by 2005, the domestic production of transparent polypropylene will reach more than 300,000 tons, and the consumption of transparent nucleating agents nationwide will increase to around 1,000 tons.

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