Leah Lisa bowknot shirt autumn girl age dress


Big bow tie decorated with clothes, immediately took away all the attention. I believe every adult woman will have some innocent feelings. Childhood will be carefully tied a beautiful bow, I feel it is the most beautiful thing in the world. Fall season, let us find the lost childlike play. Bow tie shirt, wear out of the girl age girls.

White bow tie shirt, so pure and beautiful, graceful sunshine. The image of a pure girl vividly presented. Chiffon sleeves dotted with white dots, a little more playful, but also enhance the sophistication of clothing. Long lace tie has become a beautiful bow, it is to attract the eye. With a black strap dress, the most appropriate.


Li Ailisa white lace bow shirt

Autumn afternoon, quietly drinking coffee in a French window, holding a novel. In the most beautiful age wearing a favorite bow tie clothing. Fork earrings decorated, very graceful temperament of every lady. Speaker Sleeve design, very Japanese girl's compact. With a high waist pants, will be beautiful road landscape.

莉雅莉萨蝴蝶结衬衫 秋季减龄少女装扮

Liya Lisa purple organza bow shirt

Picture credit: Lisa Lisa Women

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