Walking into Zhejiang Jinhua--Dantisy Tanjong Shi finds the most beautiful clerk and the most beautiful shop series


Into Jinhua, Zhejiang -Dantisy Tanjong Shi is looking for the most beautiful clerk and the most beautiful shop series.

  Entering Zhejiang Jinhua--Dantisy Tanjong Shi ’s series of activities to find “The most beautiful clerk” and “The most beautiful shop” will continue for more than two months. During these two months, they need to go through pre-selection, voting, and later to the award. They visited the fashion Danzishi company headquarters, this event, so that terminal shop staff and joining agents have the opportunity to show their style, and truly into the fashion of the romantic world of Tanjong Shi.

Since the launch of this event, we have received photos from many stores across the country. Thank you again for your support and care! Tanjong Shi will certainly serve everyone well, and will provide excellent services to employees and customers.

Every female student has the opportunity to present herself as a beautiful girl of Tanjong Shi and to perform beautiful romantic life. Who is the most beautiful Tanjong Shi staff? Let us wait and see!

Dan Yan Shi Shenzhen Dandy Shi Dantisy , a women's brand under the Garment Co., Ltd. , has a clear and clear design goal and is a young urban man. White-collar workers , creating a number of different styles of fashion series, not only won the favorite of many female consumers, but also sought after by franchisees.

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