Autumn children should wear what coat for children to wear the coat


Temperature changes a little bit, the child's dress as a kind of "crux of the problem" in the hearts of parents. What to wear right? Wear more will be hot, wear cold children can not stand will be sick ... ... How can this be good? Xiaobian Weapon: Parents, quickly go to the water boy store to buy a coat autumn. Let them open their hearts to greet their fall ... In the water world, every little girl is a hot little sister. Printing, elastic, zipper, hat and other elements of synthetic sports sweater jacket, is not very pull the wind? Take a white round neck printed with cartoon characters primer shirt, choose a fit pants can be. This small print and cartoon printing and dyeing, very much in line with the child's aesthetic now. At the same time, the design of the zipper is much simpler than that of the button and is completely in line with the children's wear. If you have a pair of twins, then you should be more into the water boy stores to buy. To wear them to wear the same style of clothes, go out, is not it shiny? Big buttons, very stylish style. What fabric jeans choose with it, it seems that some small mix oh. However, after putting on the children, will show you completely different fashion and adults.

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