Celestial Women a full of admiration for the feelings of the brand of women


" Skyland ", a brand full of love for women, was founded in 1990 in Guangzhou, China's birthplace of fashion.
"Celestial", the brand name comes from orchid, a species of a long history, because of the Confucius "Lan is the king of vanilla" and in China won the "king incense" of the United States; because of its kingdom in the plant has thousands of varieties , The most widely distributed in the world, as a leader doing my part!


天兰女装 一个饱含对女性崇敬之情的品牌

天兰女装 一个饱含对女性崇敬之情的品牌

In the age of professional suits alone, the quality of the brand was once the symbol of Skyland, Skyland has always insisted "quality is the cornerstone of the brand" business philosophy, the concept of "Skyland" in the market won a good reputation and Word of mouth. After nearly 20 years of development, the concept of "Tienlan" professional ladies enjoys popular support among the people. In the vicissitudes of fashion trend, "Tienlan" has gradually formed a simple, elegant and elegant brand style.