U.S.: Memory Fiber Offers "Electronic Textile" Option


A few days ago, Meiya and Jim Woerhan, director of the Nami Technology Center of the NASA Ames Research Center, succeeded in developing fabrics made of copper and copper oxide wires. Researchers said that they have been committed to the combination of electronic products and textiles, intelligent textile innovation research and development, a wearable electronic textile products have successfully developed a new type of memory fabric can retain more than 100 days of data.

A nanoscale platinum film (dab) is placed on each interwoven joint of such a fabric, and at each intersecting “sandwich” structure, a copper wire and a platinum layer constitute an electrode. Above and bottom, a resistive memory circuit is formed.

According to the American Institute of Physics’ AIP Advances journal, this innovative technology can be easily introduced into textile products because the nanotechnology naturally forms a staggered memory structure at the fiber intersection. The electronic textile formed by the integration of nanoelectronics technology and textiles can observe biomarkers for various diseases and can monitor life signals of the elderly or workers in harsh environments, such as pulse, respiration, body temperature, and blood pressure. Then send this data to the doctor.