A county town that has been changed by snacks: Shaxian housing prices catch up with Xiamen


[China Glass Network] A county town that has been changed by snacks. "House prices have caught up with Xiamen and have begun to jam."

“The houses in Shaxian County are basically bought by people who make snacks. Two years ago, there was a real estate project that was specially opened for the first month. It was sold out in two or three days, and the owner of the snacks who came back for the New Year was snapped up.”

Shaxian Renzhuang Liang is now working in a real estate company in Xiamen. He personally watched the price of his hometown being pushed up step by step. "In 2005, the price of the new plate in Shaxian County was more than 2,000 yuan per square meter. Now there are more than 10,000 yuan. Catch up with the price of Xiamen."

The Shaxian snack bar across the country can have a turnover of more than 4 billion yuan a year and a net profit of more than 800 million yuan. Some of this money has been transferred back to Shaxian. Shaxian snacks directly changed the economic shape of this small county in the north of central Fujian Province. In the annual revenue of the Shaxian government, real estate tax and land transaction money accounted for more than 60% of the county's fiscal revenue. The contribution of the snack owners is “a great achievement”.

In addition to the more primitive needs of returning home to buy a home, the other hobby of Shaxian snack owners is to buy a car. “The county is now in traffic jam, and the new license plate number is not enough to be transferred from other counties,” Zhuang Liang told reporters. The snack owner, Lin Wenji, proudly describes the richness of his hometown to the customers. “In our Shaxian County, basically every household has a car, and cars are as common as bicycles.”

In addition, the local prices have been changed by the snacks. All the people in Shaxian who are out of the country are screaming at the current high prices in Shaxian County. “Now the price of vegetables in Shaxian is more expensive than that in Xiamen.” Zhuang Liang complained to reporters.

Snacks are profoundly affecting the local economic pattern of Shaxian County. “The herbs and hot sauces in our store are from Shaxian.” Mr. Lin, the owner of Shaxian snacks, told reporters that making authentic Shaxian snacks requires not only traditional crafts, but also raw materials. The prosperity of snacks not only led to the development of related industries such as tables, chairs, spices, logistics, etc., but also stimulated the development of other industries. Some snack owners turned to other industries after digging into the “front bucket gold”, while hydropower, mines, real estate It is a field where people in Shaxian who have made a fortune are concentrated.

The living conditions of the people in Shaxian County have also been changed. "When the Shaxian County was over the Spring Festival, there were a lot of people on the street. After the Spring Festival, people were relatively few." In the eyes of Zhuang Liang, the young and middle-aged people of Shaxian County went out to run snacks, leaving behind It is an empty nester and left-behind children, which has also spawned the growth of local trustees. However, more snack owners choose to bring their children around.