How to improve the speed of the website for free?


[China Glass Network] The webmaster's requirements for space are actually very simple. In addition to stability, I hope that the access speed will be faster. Especially after the two major search engines Baidu and Google said that they will use speed as a condition of ranking, they want to improve the speed of website access. However, due to economic factors, many webmasters can only stop. In fact, we can also optimize the website without spending a penny to improve the access speed of the website!

1. The website “loading” is too much, and it should be appropriate to reduce the burden!

Reason: Some webmasters are more "attractive" and more "attractive". They tend to image the home page as a portal. There are not many pictures hanging on the webpage, or a lot of FLASH, which is not only beneficial for SEO optimization. And the more important thing is to get a few M, or even a dozen M, of the original page with only a few tens of K. How can the access speed be faster?

Solution: If you don't plan to spend money to improve the speed of the website, then it is recommended that you reduce the burden on the website! Try not to hang FLASH on the homepage of the website. If you have to hang it, it is better to hang one.

As for the picture, don't make too much. The home page is generally better than more than ten. If you want to call too many pictures, you can put all the pictures in a column, and try to put the picture below. .

2, advertising JS try to use third-party space

Reason: I believe that each webmaster has one or two advertisements on the website. In order to change the convenience, the advertisement function that comes with the source code program is used. This will directly increase the burden of space. If your space is good and the access speed is fast enough, then there is nothing. I am afraid that your space is not fast, and when you add the database call, it is slower and slower, and it may cause space to open!

Solution: For the call of the ad JS, we are better off using third-party space, such as the more famous, and guaranteed Baidu advertising butler, or CNZZ advertising statistics are still good. However, according to the scale of the two companies, the credibility and quality is still good!

3, modify the space default home page, thereby speeding up access

Reason: I don't know if you have found that the default home page in your own space is generally index.php, index.asp, default.asp, index.htm, index.html, default.htm, default.html..... What is the .default, there are many people who don't understand what it is, only know that foreign programs are in use, and the country generally uses index more. This causes, once the domain name is opened, the space first responds to whether there is a default page. If not, it starts to look for the index page, which is one of the reasons why the space will be slow for a few seconds!

Solution: If you are using a domestic program, you can log in to your space background and find the default home page option: index.php, index.asp, default.asp, index.htm, index.html, default. In htm, default.html..., delete the default with default. If you want to do something more thorough, you can also use what program you use, such as in ASP programs, index.php has nothing to do with you, you can also delete it. On the contrary, the PHP program is used, and index.asp can also be removed!