Network channel: targeted targeting


[China Glass Network] "Suddenly, the spring breeze comes, thousands of trees and pears bloom." In the new media era, new means of communication continue to emerge. If you stick to the rules and insist on using traditional media for advertising, the market and consumers may not buy it! In line with the development of the times, marketing with new media means is unstoppable.

Online media influence is unprecedented

With the development of the times, the rapid development of science and technology, the new media represented by online media has grown by leaps and bounds. They combine print media and electronic media and are highly competitive. At the same time, the new media is fast, convenient and rich in content, which makes it a leader in all competitions. In this form, the investment in online new media advertising is the trend of the times. Therefore, Sandy Liuli Communication keeps up with the trend of the times, and uses the new media of the network to fully tap its own advantages and find ways to adapt, counterbalance and surpass the network media. At the same time, it also starts from the habit of netizens using the Internet, so that they can achieve better results in the future competition.

The subversion of new media on many levels is unbearable and unpredictable by traditional media. Thomas Framain, author of "The Worldis Flat", puts forward a point in the book: From the 21st century, the world is completely "flat", as long as you have broadband, as long as you have Passion, you will never be marginalized. One person, one individual, connects to the world through the network. It can be seen from this that the new media represented by online media has a very large impact on people's daily lives compared to traditional media. At the same time, because of the combination of mobile phones and online media, the popularity of tablet PCs has made online media penetrate into every detail of people's lives. A day's life, from the beginning of work to sleep, at any time during this time, people can access the network at any time. The openness, sharing, extensiveness, compatibility, timeliness, and low operating costs of the network are all destined to be promoted by the medical and health products companies in conjunction with online media to spread their products.

Taking advantage of the trend, Guangpu embedded, deep interaction

According to the survey data, netizens use the network mainly in search engines, timely communication, browsing news, pictures, videos, etc., so Sandy Liuli Communication must have targeted planning news points when conducting services, according to the netizens. Using habits, conducting product or corporate publicity in the form of news reports, using various new ideas, new methods, and combining various new channels of communication, it is possible to achieve the intended purpose of communication, and also to create a good and timely way for customers. Network public opinion environment and word of mouth.

Online media has a wide audience, and the audience does not have as many restrictions as traditional media, but the advertising of Six Forces does not mean blindness and waste. Our goal is precision. We use the network to promote and deliver on the basis of deep understanding of the network.

In the process of planning and disseminating for the enterprise, we use the extensive coverage of the network and combine various media forms, including timely communication, news websites, forums, online music, online video, etc., according to the attributes, consumer groups and consumption of different products of customers. Features Select the exclusive media to carry out in-depth planning to provide customers with more accurate and rich advertising media resources. For medical and health care companies to provide more personal and practical word of mouth marketing, search marketing, blog marketing, microblogging marketing, brand promotion, crisis public relations, public opinion detection, event marketing and other specific services. In the process of network promotion, aiming at precision, mainly to achieve SEO search engine optimization, product website + topic, soft text encyclopedia question and answer, forum interaction, Weibo, and accurate rich media hard advertising. Combining multiple forms allows consumers to have a deeper understanding of the product.

Lock the target object and accurately target the broadcast
Using online media to spread, the first goal to be accurately targeted is to optimize the SEO search engine, optimize the SEO engine to actively influence the search results, and according to the technical characteristics of the search engine, actively cater to the search engine, thereby making it easier for netizens to search. The value of the brand and products is valuable, so that valuable information occupies the first few pages of the search page.

Focus on SEO and maintain the keywords. Through these keywords, we will establish a smooth channel for information acquisition, guide the direction of public opinion, and create a good reputation.

In the product website + topic, we should also cater to the search and crawl the netizens' search habits to build a network sensation that is more favorable to the brand and products. At the same time, it also cooperates with authoritative websites. The authoritative website referred to here not only cooperates with the website for consumers, so that consumers can understand the website more deeply and cooperate with the professional website to which the product belongs. The problem of low network authority.

At the same time, Liuli Communication will spread with soft texts, encyclopedias, questions and answers, forums, microblogs, etc., to achieve coverage across the network. Adding links to product pages can increase consumers' opportunities to understand products in depth, interact closely with customers, increase customer viscosity, and create a good professional network.

Liuli Communication will also adopt the policy of rich media hard advertising. Rich media hard advertising has many significant features compared to traditional media advertising. For example, the advertising cost is low, the form of communication is flexible, the audience coverage is wide, and the target audience can be segmented and targeted. In addition, the delivery of rich media hard advertisements can measure the publicity effect in time, with high coverage, and can interact in time during the process of communication. These advantages are also the reason why Liuli Communication cannot resist the integration with new media when it is spread.

Combining these advantages, first of all, we can achieve more accurate marketing in the process of service, and timely monitor and modify the delivery of advertisements. Secondly, rich media hard advertising can be targeted for behavior orientation, geographic orientation, redirection, scene orientation, frequency orientation, time orientation, and the like. These features can be used in full or partial orientation according to specific product characteristics, which not only reduces operating costs, but also ensures the effect of delivery.

Liuli Communication has the network news distribution channel resources covering the whole network, which can open the door of network marketing for customers in a timely and effective manner, and create a good network public opinion environment and reputation. A full range of media coverage and in-depth media cooperation resources can enable customers to promote better communication effects and effects. We have more than 10 years of industry experience in the network building sector, aiming to provide medical and health care companies with more personal and practical word-of-mouth marketing, search marketing, blog marketing, micro-blog marketing, brand promotion, crisis public relations, public opinion detection, event marketing, etc. Service, committed to the development of the medical and health care industry in the network age.