9 batches of denim garments from Guangzhou failed


On March 26th, the China Quality Supervision and Quarantine Bureau issued the result of supervision and spot checks on the quality of denim apparel products produced by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision in the fourth quarter of 2011, sampling a total of 100 batches produced by 87 companies. Products, 9 products produced by 9 companies failed.

The spot check is based on GB18401-2003 National Technical Code for Basic Safety of Textile Products and the FZ/T 81006-2007 Denim Apparel Industry Standard. It uses instructions (identification), odor, fiber composition, pH value, formaldehyde content, Tear strength, rub fastness, light fastness, abrasion resistance, banned azo dyes (decomposable aromatic amine dyes) and other items were tested.

After inspection, there are seven batches of products with unqualified fiber components. The production enterprises involved in Guangzhou Zengcheng Desheng Garment Factory, Guangzhou City Yida Garment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Zengcheng Lijian Garment Factory, and Guangzhou Zengcheng Diyun Locomotive Factory. Clothing Factory, Guangzhou Boyu Garment Co., Ltd., Xintang Town Huayu Garment Factory, Guangzhou Weixiang Huangshi Textile Garment Co., Ltd. In addition, one batch of "Q One Family" 30 yards of women's denim cuffs (2011-12-3) produced by Guangzhou Fengfeng Garment Co., Ltd. is nominally not in compliance with the standard requirements; the nominal city of Guangzhou Zengcheng Joe Mai The pH value of 1 batch of “Qiao Mai Apple” 27-yard trousers (2011-10-5) produced by the garment factory did not meet the standard requirements.