Cleaning and maintenance of coral fleece fabric


A: cleaning 1, machine washing: choose weak washing, use general detergent, clean at room temperature, not rinse; after drying, dry naturally, do not use cage drying, not ironing.

2, hand wash: put the product of coral fleece into a bathtub, use general household detergent, soak for 15 minutes at 30 ° C water temperature (time is not too long); gently squeeze or foot by hand; wash Squeeze after completion, let the water flow dry, dry naturally, and do not iron.

3. Please wash separately from clothing with color or bleach.

4, coral fleece has the characteristics of more and more fluffy, in order to maintain personal hygiene, can be washed.

Special reminder: the product will absorb the fluff floating in the air during the production process. Coral velvet has the advantage of no lint, so it is not the product hair loss, it is not a quality problem, it can be removed after the first cleaning.

B: Store naturally in a dry place, avoid stacking other items on top, so as to avoid heavy pressure on the product.

Storage is generally sealed with a plastic bag. Do not add a chemical such as mothballs directly.

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