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Happy online online at the core of the urban white-collar women, style simple, elegant and stylish fashion trend, the fabric is mainly imported fabrics from Europe and Japan and South Korea, breathable and comfortable to wear, for oriental women's body, three-dimensional cut full display The advantages of the body, and the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, the formation of exquisite unique style, revealed the success of urban women's confidence and elegance of noble quality.


幸福在线时尚女装 打造美丽的幸福女人

Brand positioning â—‡ Features: Good interoperability, high degree of serialization, vitality, passion, romance and fashion.

â—‡ target group: 20-40-year-old intellectual women, advocating simple, beautiful, poetic, artistic taste of the crowd, the pursuit of elegant life with creative women.

â—‡ Price Positioning: Center price spring and summer retail price of 298-698 yuan / piece, autumn and winter retail price of 398-1298 yuan / piece or so.

â—‡ brand advantage: Own factory and R & D design center, set research and development, design, production in a flexible, rapid response capabilities.

â—‡ marketing mode: direct marketing and joined the combination.

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