In addition to Tianjin Foreign Exchange Reform


Recently, the old system of the Stock Exchange experienced more than half a year's madness in the “dead end”. Except for Tianjin, the “shared trading model” implemented by other local cultural exchanges approached the end.

Prior to this, the outside world had been speculating that the Shandong Taishan Exchange may well become the “terminator” of this transition, but the Taishan Exchange, which has always insisted on “shared trading,” has suddenly announced that it has abandoned all forms of trading. . In the middle of this month, the Zhengzhou Wenzhou Stock Exchange and the Chengdu Stock Exchange also successively stated that they will implement the “Decision on Clearing up and Refining Various Types of Trading Sites to Prevent Financial Risks” (referred to as “Document 38”). From this point of view, with the exception of Tianjin, which has not moved its troops, major cultural exchanges across the country have begun to deploy aftermath.

Tianjin "final axis"?

The Tianjin Cultural Exchange has always been a difficult transition point because of the “huge number of accounts” and other reasons. According to the Tianjin Finance Office, nearly 50,000 people have opened accounts at the Tianjin Stock Exchange. An investor who asked not to be named told the "International Finance News" reporter that many people hold multiple accounts in their hands and he himself has five.

It is reported that the Tianjin Cultural Exchange has not yet undergone restructuring adjustments. The Tianjin Financial Office stressed that stopping trading under the current circumstances may trigger greater market risks. It is unreasonable for a small number of investors to use this as an excuse to file high compensation claims.

A small number of investors mentioned by the Tianjin Financial Office once put forward a "high compensation claim." Investors think that their claim for compensation is reasonable, and "only three claims: request suspension; request to pay back the price according to the purchase price! Request to return interest!"

According to the reporter's understanding, at the time of the surging tide of the exchange's transformation, the Tianjin Stock Exchange has not yet moved. In response, some investors in Tianjin have been unable to hold back.

An investor named “Rabbit” told the “International Finance” reporter that she had been to the Tianjin Finance Office twice, but none of them could solve the problem. She said that she would later go to the relevant departments to fight for what she deserved. rights and interests.

Another netizen named “Millions of quilts” told reporters about his current living situation. He invested several million yuan in the Tianjin Stock Exchange and mortgaged his house and borrowed 600,000 yuan. Yuan, the monthly interest will be on the yuan.

It is understood that investors generally stated that they are more satisfied with the results of Shandong, Henan, and Sichuan, and that in Tianjin, the outside world believes that they can only wait.

The overall situation for the transformation has been set. Although the progress of the clean-up work at the various exchanges has been uneven, the restructuring of the Exchange has become a general trend.

It is understood that the source of the "necessity" for the restructuring of the exchange is the "Document 38" issued by the State Council at the end of 2011. In addition, the "June 30" as the clearing limit set by related departments has once been breathtaking. Concentrate. However, judging from the actual situation, more than half of the country’s cultural exchanges did not complete the rectification before the deadline.

In order to implement the policy as soon as possible, at the end of July this year, the relevant departments again called for the work conference on the clean-up and rectification of various types of trading venues and the inter-ministerial joint second meeting. All localities must adopt strict standards and do a good job of checking the work of rectifying and rectifying the people's governments at the provincial level. acceptance.

Since then, the cultural exchanges across the country have undergone a massive transformation into a "collectively explosive" trend. On September 12, the Shandong Taishan Stock Exchange issued an announcement announcing that from now on it will suspend the three shares of the product, and will purchase the share of the art held by the investor by way of agreement transfer or repurchase. At the same time, the Zhengzhou Wenxue also announced in the first half of September that the Provincial General Office of the People's Republic of China on the further improvement of the standardized rectification work of the Zhengzhou Cultural Exchange Office stated that it will follow the principle of “all cancellation of the share product, and urge the share The original holder of the product will meet the investor's willingness to demand equity repurchasing as soon as possible through agreement transfer or repurchase.

In addition, the Chengdu Stock Exchange also published the No. 1 and No. 2 documents of the “Chengdu Cultural Property Exchange’s Announcement on the Shareholding of Strategic Assets by Strategic Investors Concentrated on the Transfer of Art Assets”, stating that after the expiry of the public notice period, there was no dissent share. The "Agreement on Assignment" entered into force and will be transferred in accordance with the terms of the "Agreement on Assignment."

It is understood that the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the South Cultural Exchange, the Hunan Stock Exchange, etc. have also handled the reimbursement of subscription payments in various ways. In addition, the plan to clean up the compensation from the Beijing Hantang Cultural Exchange is also in progress.

However, after giving up the share-based transaction, what will the future of the exchange be?

Some people think that the direction of film and television and the rights of animation and animation are likely to be the key development directions after the cultural exchange. Under the concept of "big culture," the development of the exchange should not be limited to "artwork" transactions.

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