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Founded in 2008, Shenzhen Wina Barbera Garment Co., Ltd. is a garment enterprise invested by entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Taiwan, with strong financial strength and good brand awareness. It specializes in the research and development, production and operation of health underwear . From the beginning of the establishment of the company based on long-term development, and is committed to the healthy body underwear Venabella build into a leading brand of domestic functional underwear. Sexy and self-confidence is the mainstream of contemporary women's value orientation. Not only does Venabela agree with this value orientation, it will be the facilitator and practitioner of this value orientation.


Slim-type body shaping suit, suitable for upper body fullness or waist and hip thick type.

伊能静代言维纳贝拉品牌内衣 尽情展现现代女性风范

Black maintenance bra, suitable for small chest or chest concentration, external expansion. Join policy:

Join policy:

● approved products, love products (to be their own, family or friends try on the product and approved to join)
● Recognition of the company brand positioning, business philosophy, business model ● willing to cooperate with the company's brand management and implementation of the relevant systems ● have a certain degree of management, service capacity ● need a suitable store not less than 30 square, the door width of not less than 3 meters ● In addition to renting the storefront of funds, the preparation of 10-15 million investment (for purchase, decoration, preparation, etc.)
● In addition to the above funds, it is best to have a certain amount of back-up funds for possible additional investment


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