The new concept of warm goods is not warm


The new concept of warm goods is not warm With the weather getting colder, warm goods are also on sale season. Due to the increase in purchases, some complaints are on the rise. Provincial Consumers Association reminds consumers that buying warm goods not only has to be purchased by regular businesses, but also must be rationally purchased and retain good shopping vouchers.

A few days ago, Mr. Liu of Harbin City purchased several hot stickers at a wholesale market in Daoli District, but he did not ask for shopping vouchers. When they returned home, the hot minerals leaked and the skin of Mr. Liu was blistering. After being coordinated by the wholesale market management department, the merchant retired Mr. Liu.

The reporter learned from the Consumers Association of Ha Dao District, the Consumers Association of Nangang District and other departments that, in the recent period, complaints about thermal underwear have also increased, the reporter learned that, in fact, some thermal underwear "high-tech" products with similar composition, basically It is a traditional material such as cotton, acrylic, spandex, polyester and rayon. In this regard, Consumers Association to remind consumers to buy warm goods to the best shopping malls, and must ask for purchase tickets, if there is a problem, according to the bill for rights protection. The Consumers Association warns consumers that in the face of a wide range of warm clothing, do not blindly believe the so-called "high-tech" concept. It is difficult to ensure that some new terminology has the function of the propaganda of manufacturers; at best, it is a steamed bun; Content ingredients, to determine whether and in line with the content of the label, according to personal needs, choose to keep warm and breathable thermal underwear.

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