Rice baby brand children's holiday with you to experience the seaside fashion


Mid-Autumn Festival double arrival, it is the happiest moments of the children, children's clothing brand baby bring you colorful wishes. Although the Mid-Autumn Festival has arrived, the heat has not retreated, the beach is still Golden Week tourist destination, so that you can take the rice with the sea to experience fashion! Yantai Inari costumes is an independent brand, design and development, marketing planning in one of the limited liability Company, Yantai Inaba Yantai children's wear with production technology center, R & D center and marketing planning center of the three key departments, a combination of a number of high-level, high-level professional and technical personnel to ensure efficient operation of production enterprises. Qingdao, Weihai, Yantai, is the Chinese coastal ports, children's clothing factory in Yantai, China and South Korea's children's clothing from the recent coastal cities in South Korea, South Korea's popular trend and the Korean influence of the Korean wave formed a Korean version of the children's clothing style, with foreign students Designers team, the domestic first-class production lines, advanced management processes and experience, and gradually become well-known brands in the same industry. Company Mission: honesty and trustworthiness unity and cooperation with the times to create brilliant "there is a competitive vitality, have a credible Cooperation "We will warmly welcome every consumer, be cordial, polite, honest, patiently and correctly answer product performance and price consultation. To ensure that every consumer get a satisfactory answer. 1, quality assurance promise: to ensure the original sales, to eliminate the sale of counterfeit and shoddy goods, once discovered, fake a penalty ten. 2, the price of quality commitment: commodity price tag, refused to fraud. 3, responsible for promises: If found product quality problems, the company promised unconditional return, except for man-made reasons. We are not only pursuing short-term interests, but also a long-established reputation. Official website: QQ: Landline:-0535-010

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