Omega May wish children across the country double happiness


2012 Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, the children of Omegah wish the children happy and happy, the Omegama children's clothing is limited Dongguan fashion apparel brand children's clothing, consumer groups targeting 3-15-year-old urban children, with young mothers fitted with fashion Baby's preferred children's clothing brand. Russian Mega children's clothing to the franchise model to expand the national market, at present in Beijing, Sichuan and other provinces have a partnership agent in major shopping malls have counters and stores sales, is now part of the country's blank market focus on investment, 2012 10-12 in the preferential investment policy in progress. Merchants Advisory Tel:

2U Server Chassis is also called the 2u rack Server Chassis. The rack mount is suitable for a 19-inch rack, U is a unit that represents the external dimensions of the server, and the height of 2u server chassis is 44.445mmX2. 2u server chassis is an important part of the server accessories. Its main function is to place and fix each server accessory, which plays a supporting and protecting role. In addition, the computer chassis has an important role of electromagnetic radiation shielding. It is sconstituted a chassis shell, a bracket, a cooling fan, a hard disk connection board, a hard disk box, a panel, a switch, and an indicator light.

2U Server Chassis

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