Polanyi brand underwear is full of love of the international underwear brand


France Puylan (International) Fashion Group Co., Ltd. specializes in design and production of fashion underwear, underwear, men and women pajamas, home wear, body lingerie, thermal underwear, swimwear and other apparel products, after all staff's persistent pursuit and unremitting efforts, has now developed into The strength of the modern enterprise. The company has more than 20,000 square meters modern garden-like production plant, a number of advanced from Germany, Japan and other countries to introduce advanced underwear production lines, product quality strict implementation of ISO9001 international quality management system standards. The company established a sound marketing and production systems, brand strategy and quality services to the general consumer groups.

珀依兰 - Paerlan

Products with its user-friendly design, superb technology, innovative style, elegant materials, excellent quality, by domestic and foreign customers and consumers of all ages and favorite.

Puning City, the company's position Chuzi in Puning City in 2002 was named the city's first batch of 20 contracts and keeping promises units, Guangzhou Chuzi company in 2005 for five consecutive years by the Guangzhou Trade and Industry Bureau as "defensive Contract re-credit business. "

珀依兰品牌内衣  充满爱意的国际内衣品牌

Brand Positioning

Brand concept: elegant, artistic, stylish, healthy and full of love international lingerie brand !

Channel positioning: Monopoly chain stores in the form, does not support the store model shop

Target customer orientation: fashion women's names, mainly 18 to 40 years old.

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