ZONE IRIS women's motivation tide to do elegant intellectual big woman


Qiao a (zone iris) is the driving force behind the pursuit of a wonderful personality, is the natural expression of femininity and strength, there is no temptation, there is no ambiguity, but irresistible. Brand is located in the 25 to 38-year-old independent and confident urban intellectual women, romantic fashion, leisure and leisure design more to make the beauty of oriental women enjoy the show.


Born "ZONE IRIS 偢 a" dress is the emerging boutique women , design, production and sales integration. Under the nearly eight years of women's clothing production and sales experience in Hangzhou Xi Yi Clothing Co., Ltd.

ZONE IRIS女装 心机潮搭做优雅知性大女人

Win-win cooperation in good faith based on the concept of innovation in the quality of excellence, the perfect service, the country has established a large number of cooperative relations and partners.

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