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From the perspective of women in a new era, we are dedicated to shaping this external beauty. We use clothing as a carrier and mix elements of different spatiotemporal, cultural, class and style to break the line between fashion and classics, leisure and dignity, extravagance and simplicity, cumbersomeness and simplicity, and create a platform for each woman to show himself. WISDOM & B has always been in the most beautiful years of urban women. Their beauty is ... confident beauty, faithful to oneself, self gradually released; inner beauty, calm and quiet, the heart is no longer obsequious; the most beautiful woman, elegant and exquisite, gorgeous charm bloom from then on!

贞智美 - WISDOM&B

WISDOM & B has all the details of the design structure in a not out of time values, it is the fusion of image and dream, lifestyle is the most successful promoter; its design blend of fashion atmosphere, innovative inspiration, classic Rhythm, pay attention to detail, make people think more about a certain way of life and status, rather than the popular simple costumes, precisely because of this, WISDOM & B standing in the position of others can not match, but also continue to create the fashion industry Unparalleled legend.

贞智美WISDOM&B时尚女装   为所有爱美女性而来

Zhen Zhi US WISDOM & B for all the beauty of women come to learn the Korean front line trend elements, cleverly elegant, stylish, cool, casual and the latest trendy Korean elements blend perfectly for consumers to create a stylish, superior quality, Affordable, distinctive fashion brand.

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