What to do if white clothing is yellow?


What to do if white clothing is yellow? White clothes put on for a long time, the protein in white textiles will be oxidized, so it will turn yellow. In the daily life, how should we respond?

1. Wash with vinegar. It's best to add a little vinegar when you wash your clothes. Put some vinegar in the warm water. The vinegar is neutralized by alkaline substances in acid and sweat. The yellow color will soon disappear.

2. Wash white clothes with glutinous rice.

3. Drip ink method: in a basin of clean cold water, dripping 3-5 drops of pure blue ink, stir well by hand, then put the washed white shirt into the water, lift up and down 3-5 times, fishing Dry out.

4. After washing, put it in a plastic bag to seal it. It can effectively prevent oxidation, and it is often worn out.

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