COOZIC Ke Niika 2013 summer new color strip with you to play season


This summer, you enough "color", stylish enough? Cornell 2013 summer new take you Fun color season, all kinds of classic colors to meet different "Van children" of you!


Pretty light MILF fan macaroons chiffon shirt, sexy bare shoulders design allows you to easily pocketed the rate of return, relaxed version + layered cut, and then with a slim denim pants, this summer, enjoy the release Your body is good.

COOZIC 珂妮卡2013夏季新品  带你玩转色彩一季

Chiffon and tannin collision stitching, light weight among a little more weight, waist design will be the most concerned about the perfect curve of the waist of women the perfect show, but from the fashion tip to the classic short front long skirt, is still welcome The best way for the sea breeze

Men'S Jacket style is fit for the autumn and winter, so almost basic style use bright-coloured print and dye for fabric, some time casual style needs embroidery and special print in the main parts of clothes or fabric. Nomally autumn style in thick material which like cotton, polyester etc, and winter style in warn material which like cotton, polyester etc with double layer lining.

Men's Jacket

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