Analyze the type and material of the home basin


[China Glass Network] How to choose the basin? Among the series of sanitary wares, the basin is a highly efficient and decorative product. It is conceivable that in a dull bathroom, it would be a wonderful thing to put on a beautiful and easy-to-use bathroom basin. However, due to the different conditions of various families, the types of basins are also different.

Consumers who have run through the store should find that there are so many types of basins in the market. How to choose the basin? According to the shape and installation form, there are above counter basin, under counter basin, semi-inset basin, pedestal basin, semi-column basin and wall hanging basin. From the material is divided into ceramic pots, metal pots, glass pots, resin pots and so on. The basins of various materials and installations vary in use and installation. The above counter basin and the under counter basin and the under counter basin are the name of the basin. The basin is completely above the countertop. The basin is completely under the countertop and is called the undercounter basin.

In the past, most homes used under counter basins. Because of this installation method, it is very convenient to take care of, as long as the splashed water and foam are directly put into the basin. However, the installation below the platform is relatively complicated: first, the table to be installed is opened in the size of the basin, and then the basin bracket is made. After the basin is fixed on the bracket, it is also necessary to make the bracket to support the table to be firmly installed with the wall. However, the brackets under the countertop are criss-crossed, which will inevitably increase trouble for future disassembly and assembly maintenance. Moreover, the combination of the basin and the countertop needs to be carefully handled. Once the size calculation is wrong, there will be hidden dangers such as water leakage due to poor splicing.

In recent years, due to the increasing demand for bathroom decoration, the above counter basin has become more and more popular among consumers. The installation of the above counter basin is much simpler than the undercounter basin. Simply open the countertop according to the design, then place the basin in the hole, and then seal it with silicone. Naturally, the basin of this type of installation does not have the drawback of dripping along the gap when it is used. Unlike the under counter basin, which can only be made in shape, the shape of the above counter basin can be described as rich and varied. Consumers can install their own preferences and choose to add lustre to their own bathroom. Semi-embedded semi-embedded basin, also known as semi-buried basin or semi-mounted basin. That is, a part of the basin body is embedded in the table top, and it has a fancy choice of the above counter basin, and there is no upper basin, which may be too high in modeling limitations. In installation, semi-filled basins need to be selected according to weight. Lighter and smaller basins can be "sit" directly on the countertop, while larger, heavier semi-inlaid basins have to be made into a lower basin, requiring steel frame support.

Pedestal basin

The pedestal pedestal basin is also a common type of basin. Due to its compact structure and easy handling, it is more suitable for smaller bathrooms. However, because it is inconvenient to design too much storage space around the pedestal basin, it may affect the overall storage effect of the bathroom, making it appear messy. When used, it is also easy to splash water on the ground. The pedestal basin installation is also very simple, no need to install brackets, direct installation of drainage can be. However, it is worth noting that the upper water pipes of the pedestal basin are exposed, and once the drainage port is not aligned with the column, the drainage pipe will be exposed, which will affect the appearance.

Wall-mounted basin

Wall-mounted basins, also known as wall-mounted basins, are divided into two types: ordinary wall-mounted basins and half-columns. Ordinary wall-mounted basins can directly see the water pipes. The semi-column basin looks like half of the pedestal basin and does not have a water pipe or bracket. The wall-mounted washbasin is more compact than the pedestal, especially for a compact bathroom. And the wall-mounted basins of different shapes and materials will give the entire bathroom space a delicate and unique feeling. Compared with other forms of washbasins, wall-mounted basins have special requirements on the wall, and are better installed on the load-bearing wall, and because of the use of wall-drainage, their drainage speed is slower than other basins. One-piece basin-integrated basins have limited access to the basin and wall-mounted basins. In order to increase the ease of use and avoid the dirt, many brands have introduced a number of integrated basins. They either extend the edge of the basin to increase the area of ​​use. Or integrate the countertop with the bathroom cabinet to enhance the overall feel of the bathroom. The shortcomings also exist, that is, they cannot be changed. Once the basin is damaged, it must be replaced as a whole, and the cost is high.

Introduced the style of the basin, let's talk about the material selection of the basin. There are many kinds of basins on the market, such as ceramics, glass, metal, resin, etc. When consumers choose the material of the basin, they should not only pay attention to their color decoration, but also understand the performance of various materials.

Ceramic washbasin

Ceramic washbasins are currently more commonly used materials. Because it is clean white, it can be used in any bathroom style. When consumers choose ceramic basins, they should first pay attention to the smoothness and brightness of their glaze. General quality ceramic washbasin, white pure, good finish and excellent brightness. You can observe the ceramic surface in sufficient light, and observe the glazed surface with any defects such as color spots, pinholes, blisters and foaming. Second, feel the feel. The surface of a good ceramic product is smooth and delicate without any unevenness. You can also touch the back of the basin, and the reliable quality basin should have the feeling of “sand”.

Glass basin

Tempered glass material is also a kind of basin material that is often used nowadays. The glass has an extremely high hardness and therefore has scratch and scratch resistance properties. And the glass has excellent coloration and innate reflection ability, which makes the bathroom look more crystal clear. When choosing a glass basin, consumers should pay attention to whether the shape is regular and whether the thickness of the basin is consistent. It is better to have a uniform color and a smooth surface without bubbles.

Metal washbasin

Metal is also a popular basin material. Many manufacturers have used their excellent molding properties and structural strength to create many different styles of washbasins. Common metal basins are available in stainless steel, cast iron and brass. In the past, stainless steel was often used in public places because of its light weight and durability. Nowadays, with the advancement of the surface treatment process, the decorativeness of this material is greatly enhanced. The surface-finished stainless steel washbasin is ideal for pairing with silver-white electroplated faucets for a stylish sparkle. However, the hardness of the mirror surface is still lacking, so it is not recommended for consumers to use it in areas with good frequency. Otherwise, specular scratching may occur. The washbasin made of brass is ideal for retro-style decoration. The basin is made of brass, the surface needs to be polished and the outer surface is painted with a protective layer. Similar to stainless steel, the surface of the brass is soft, so when using and cleaning, pay attention to the way to scratch. The cast iron basin is similar in process to the cast iron bathtub. It is forged with cast iron as a raw material and has a layer of enamel glaze on the surface. It features long service life and durability. The downside is that the cast iron basin has a large weight, so it is not suitable for wall-mounted, and even if it is used as a countertop, it should be noted that the countertop is installed firmly. There is also a basin material that is also seen from time to time, usually as a one-piece basin material, that is a resin material basin. The resin material basin has a solid material made of polymethyl methacrylate material through a special process. Its surface is smooth, sturdy and durable, and has a soft and delicate texture like natural marble. Consumers should choose a brand manufacturer when choosing this material. Otherwise, it is highly probable that an "artificial stone" product made of stone powder plus unsaturated resin will be purchased. This product has great defects in both performance and environmental performance, and has been eliminated in developed countries.

Select basin

The basin also needs something to choose the basin. What kind of faucet is needed? Don't neglect to choose the washbasin. The basin and the faucet are essential. The faucet opening of some original imported basins is not matched with domestic faucets.

Most of the domestic washbasins have a 4-inch faucet hole model, with a 4 inch middle hole double handle or a single handle faucet. If you prefer a unique 8-inch double-handle faucet, you can also order an 8-inch faucet hole basin. Some washbasins do not have a tap hole, and the faucet is mounted directly on the countertop or on the wall.

Depth width In ordinary households, the basin is sometimes used not only for personal washing, but also for auxiliary washing, etc., then its containment is more critical, and the two points that determine the potability of the basin are Its depth and width.

In general, the basin has a depth of about 16 cm and a width of about 40 cm, which is more suitable for multiple purposes. The height of the height basin is an important indicator of comfort. Too high or too low may make people feel tired, especially the above counter basin. It should also consider the height problem after installation. In the case of Chinese families, the average height of a person is 165~175 cm. If you want to use the basin comfortably, its height should be between 75 and 85 cm. It depends on the situation of the household population.

Considering the actual situation of the bathroom and bathroom, consider the actual situation of the bathroom. When purchasing the basin, consider the actual situation of the installation environment, and don't be tempted by the passive shape. In general, it is not recommended to select an integrated basin when installing in a space less than 70 cm wide. The integrated basin has a relatively large footprint, which makes the bathroom space narrow. In addition, before the purchase, consumers should also find out the location of the home, the drainage pipe, reference to the space environment around the drainage pipe, with the basin. If this is not considered beforehand, it is possible to buy the basin and not install it. And even if it must be installed later, it will involve complicated water and drainage renovation. This is bound to increase the cost of renovation.

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