Magic · Love - Cocoa Duck's First "Little Cup" National Children's Creative Painting Contest


March was "Learn Feng Lei Month". The first "Xiaoyan Cup" National Children's Creative Painting Contest, which also advocated the theme of "Love", was also launched in March. The official website of the official website of cocoa, children's wear Taobao flagship store and other major online platforms and physical stores have begun recruitment, many parents and children are enthusiastic about registration.
This painting contest is a collaboration between the Cocoa Duck brand children's clothing and “Xiaoyan Painting Academy” to cultivate children’s love and imagination in the form of painting. In the form of painting, it conveys to the children and adolescents throughout the country a healthy and positive concept of “love, care, and communication” and urges children to establish emotional communication and communication from childhood. Guide children to pay attention to others and care for and help others from the people around them and the small things around them. Whether you are a friend or a stranger to yourself, you must be full of love for both the homeless animals and our home planet.

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All the outstanding works and award-winning works of this contest have the opportunity to become one of the series of Cocoa Duck Spring/Summer 2013 collections. While fully demonstrating children's talents, they also gave them an opportunity to become the “Little Designer” of Cocoa Duck. Parents who wish to make full use of their children’s talents and give them special titles to earn their attention, may wish to learn about the following ways of participating:

Entry Requirements
1. Participants must be 3-15 years old.

2. It is limited to children's drawing works. The content of the painting must focus on the subject of "magic and love." It can use colored pencils, colored crayons, acrylics, watercolors, gouache and other materials. It requires a clear theme and novel ideas. It can adopt abstract, figurative, graffiti, etc. In the form of expression, each author is limited to one piece of work.

3. Drawings should be made using special drawing paper distributed by Cocoa Duck and available at any Cocoa Duck shop. You can also download the drawing paper on the official website of the Cocoa Duck brand children's clothing. The final product should not be smaller than the A3 size. All works must be drawn by the author and then HD photos should be sent to the Cocoa Duck Mailbox.

The contest also gave generous prizes:
Grand Prize One: Certificate, Trophy and Cocoa Duck $30,000 Cash Shopping Coupon First Prize: Certificate, Trophy and Cocoa Duck $10,000 Cash Shopping Voucher Second Prize Two: Certificate, Trophy and Cocoa Duck $5,000 cash gift voucher for the third prize: a certificate, trophy and cocoa duck $2,000 cash shopping voucher online popularity award ten: the certificate and the Cocoa Duck $1,000 cash shopping voucher with the most magical prize of 20, The 20 most entertaining prizes, 40 participating prizes, and exquisite gifts. (There is no redemption and change for cash gift voucher)

Children will also receive exclusive honors:
1. Children with 1-3 prizes will be honored with the title of “Little Designer of Cocoa Duck” and awarded an honorary certificate.
2. The winning entries have the opportunity to launch an exclusive collection of clothing designs for cocoa ducks on a quarterly basis, and enjoy signatures and authors’ introductions on the tags.
3. Each year, excellent works will be produced into an exquisite desk calendar, with the author's profile and autographs.

Submission time
March 5th - April 15th. The deadline for the contest was April 15, 2012. After the submission deadline, no more works will be accepted.

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