Playing fashion women's heritage of classic French culture


Playing in the fashion city of Seine, which originated in Europe, French elegance and romance derive the theme of performance design. Inspired by French art and culture, once introduced to the market, consumers are assured of a simple, elegant design, elegant and generous matching, excellent quality and excellent layout. Playing from the clothing to shoes, hats, accessories, purses and other items readily available, continuous improvement of product design, rich product categories to meet the needs of different consumers. It is the charm of performance that people play in different configurations. Just as the brand's slogan chooses to inherit an alternative melody, the performance is not to make choices for women but to provide them with more choices. Clothing with choices, fashion choices, quality of life choice Pang life need to choose, any brave woman will choose what they love, that is the purpose of playing.


Brand slogan: choose to inherit an alternative melody Brand goal: to become China's first fashion brand Brand values: leisure, comfort, positive, classic elegance,
Brand concept: to create a classic, heritage temperament Design philosophy: French art and cultural heritage