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With the improvement of people's living standards, the status of underwear becomes more and more important. And children's underwear is still an emerging market. The development stage of children's wear underwear The Chinese children's underwear market has gone through three stages of development in general:

Strategic isolation stage: Regional economy determines the strategic structure From the early 1990s to the end of the century, international brands entered China and plundered the fruits of the rapid growth of China's market economy. Open coastal cities were the first strategic entry point, and the target market cut directly into high-end consumption; For a long period of time, local brands live in vast underdeveloped and underdeveloped areas, and the two camps basically do not infringe each other. Consumers choose high-end international brands or middle-to-low-end domestic underwear products according to their purchasing power. This stage is the golden period when the international brand's profit return rate is the highest, and domestic brands are completely unaware of the imminent crisis.

Strategic approach: Balanced and broken, the two camps gradually converged. Between 2000 and 2005, with the acceleration of economic growth in the Mainland, sharp-eyed international brands began to advance to the primary and secondary markets in mainland China, and the goal was to refer to the high-end and mid-range underwear markets. The field of China's underwear business market has gradually become closer. At this time, international brands still accounted for more than 80% of the mid-to-high-end market share. Low-end market share was divided up by 1,000 domestic companies, and the nationwide local children's underwear brand was still not born.

Strategic Overlap: Market Deduction, Cross-competition between the Two Camps After 2005, as China's economy continues to grow at a rapid rate, consumers’ purchasing power gradually increases, and consumer choices expand. The era of consumption, centered on the will of consumers, has come, and the depth of international brand strategy With the extension, it began to touch the core interests of domestic brands. The international brands aim to fully occupy the mid-to-high end of China's market at all levels, and the competition for market interests between the two camps has begun to intensify and enter the stage of fierce competition in the market.

At present, the new pattern of children's underwear market in China is the tomorrow's sun. It represents hope and future. Any country or nation values ​​children's education. In China, the number of children under the age of fourteen is close to 400 million. The development of children’s education is of decisive significance in improving the quality of the entire people and enhancing the overall national strength. About 30 million newborn babies are born each year in China, and the annual consumption of infant and child care products reaches 80 billion ***. The infant and baby supplies industry is an industry that has the greatest development potential and yields even afterwards. Under the new situation, children's industrial consumption has its own distinctive features of the times, mainly reflected in the following points: In recent years, children's behavioral characteristics are different from those in the past. Domestic children have a wide range of knowledge, active thinking, strong personality, boldness, strong memory, imitative ability, and high intelligence quotient; self-centeredness, strong dependence, poor hands-on ability. Children and young people enter the consumption period in advance. There are considerable pocket money in the hands and know how to control. At present, the average spending money for teenagers in major cities is 76.5 yuan/month. When buying children's products, parents play a decisive role. The quality of children's clothing, whether children like it, whether the price is reasonable, and whether the quality is reliable are the leading factors for parents to purchase. 60% of parents make decisions after soliciting their children's opinions when shopping.

Comprehensive shopping malls and supermarkets have a wide variety of products, reliable quality, and various activities. Children are willing to go. It is a good place for shopping, leisure and entertainment. More than 95% of consumers buy baby products there. The small number of children's products stores is not well-known, and fewer people go to buy children's products there.

Parents have a clear memory of children's products with a large amount of advertising. When making purchasing decisions, they first consider these brands. At present, they have not found brands that rely on advertising and rely on terminals to do well to obtain high reputation and reputation.

In all promotional activities, discounting is the most effective means to show that consumer spending behavior is increasingly pragmatic, and nearly 70% of consumers can accept children's underwear prices between 50-150 yuan.

The economic power of consumers is getting higher and higher, and there is more room for the selection of products. Will they buy high-end positioning international brands, or will they buy domestic brands with medium-low positioning? If you choose to buy domestic brands, then which brand is a big chance to be selected? The answer is the domestic "first" brand.

Who can lead the Chinese lingerie industry strategy to break through? In the Chinese children's underwear industry, who can bear this responsibility? To be the first, not only is the need for competition, but also the need for survival, not only the needs of the industry, but also the needs of consumers.

A successful marketing strategy always simplifies complex problems, straightforward linear problems, little linear problems, and then detonates a little to create an instant sensation. Because it's simple and easy to implement, because it's simple and easy to work because it's easy for consumers to feel at home. In order to achieve rapid distribution and achieve rapid sales growth, marketing strategies must be sharp.

The concept of small underwear What are the common problems in China's children's underwear market? Chinese children's underwear should pay attention to what?

There are not many series of branded marketing on the current market. The promotion and promotion methods are relatively backward, the methods are relatively simple, the brand awareness is not strong, the fashion is rather poor, and their own characteristics are not emphasized.

The common children's underwear on the market is just a "shrinking version" of adult underwear. In terms of appearance and function, children's underwear should meet the needs of children of different ages in their psychological and access rights. Young children between 3 and 7 years old are very curious about the outside world and love fantasy. They like bright colors and a fairy tale atmosphere. Their lives are mostly game-centered. After entering elementary school, the ability to think logically has increased and the focus of life has begun to shift to learning. As they get older, they demand more personal space and want to be different. These show that designers should go deep into the inner world of children and their design should not be simplified as "reduction in size and appearance."

Cotton underwear has the advantages of sweat absorption, flexibility, warmth, etc. It is suitable for wearing in spring, summer and autumn. Underwear is the first layer of the baby's "skin-in-kind" package. The underwear material must not contain chemical components such as fluorescent agents. It is better not to have any printing, so as to avoid chemical dye residues.

The tailoring design should be reasonable, the amount of activity of the baby should be large, and the design and tailoring should be convenient for baby activities to be unrestrained. If the shoulders are designed with open shoulders, for the convenience of the parents to help the baby to wear off the design that can use the straps, the design of the collar and cuffs meet the size of the baby, the refined underwear should also choose to not stimulate the skin without the convex line design, the label can Designed outside.

Children's underwear companies should understand that "not the market is not hot, it is our goods are not strong; not the people have tightened the money bag, we are not the product of their heart."

Small products, big images In general, good children's underwear is safe, comfortable, and practical.

At present, there is a misunderstanding in the children's underwear market: The use of children's underwear as an accessory for underwear products has made the existing children's underwear brand a bad image and has a low sense of value.

Turning small products into big products is a transformation that marketing must complete. In fact, there is no small product, only small marketing, large marketing is to sell small products into large products, and in the minds of consumers, high quality products are big products. The most effective way for small products to become large products is to form a large image.

The construction of a small terminal with a small terminal is the starting point for the brand's rise. Children's wear underwear brands must learn to turn ordinary terminals into something uncommon. The needle is only fine enough, consumers will be impressed by the shiny image outside the store, will buy it. Refresh the image of the terminal's stores and renew the brand's opinions, so that consumers can feel the sincerity of the brand from outside the store.

In addition, there must be enough stores. Only a sufficient number of specialty stores can create strategic potential, in order to generate sufficient brand shock, give consumers more powerful buying reasons, and accelerate the nationwide establishment of the brand more quickly.

An animation drama of Chinese children's underwear will be staged soon. A wider and more tempting industry will be presented to consumers across the country. What are our reasons for not expecting? (2012 "Fashion Industry" annual special article / Wang Yubao)