Bad attitude, sales staff adjustment method


[China Glass Network] Because of professional reasons, I often have the privilege of going to other network companies, and have a lot of contact with the company's sales staff. The company's upper level often responds that some salesmen have a tendency to be passively absent every day! The salesman himself has such distress, and he is frequently rejected by others. If he fails to come out at the end of the month, the confidence of the people will be greatly reduced! For a long time in such a state of dissociation, in fact, the salesman himself is also very painful! However, they have not analyzed the reasons, or they are not willing to face the cause, that is, escape! Human beings are inert animals, and they will immediately reflect the instinctual conditions. It is better not to call, but not to contact customers, anyway, they refuse.

In fact, I am probably summing up the psychology of the sales staff at this stage: in fact, they also know that there is no way to go, but they never go to the next road to learn how to go? ! Or do you dare to face the true self! One day, they will think: It’s hard to go through another day. When they first come to work, they will think: It’s going to be like this again! In fact, such a kind of scornful mentality is very tiring. It is much more complicated to visit customers than to contact customers! If we all put the two as a kind of real thing to pile up, there will be many people who are shocked by the results of this comparison! ! (Why should we make ourselves so heavy? In fact, it will be much easier to act!!)

I have seen a few related questions in a book. I think it should be a very good method. Sometimes sales people often feel that they don’t want to carry such heavy burdens. Let yourself have a new liberation!

Go to work every day and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Why haven't I taken action yet! (Give yourself two minutes, temporarily push the lazy psychology for a while and tell your true thoughts)

2. What are the benefits of not acting? (Is it a minute and a minute to watch the time every day, some feelings like a year, what are the benefits? Are there? I must think clearly)

3, continuous inaction, long-term will have any harm ------- poor situation (this is also a lot of people who are not willing to go to the real people, long-term down and will go, this is an excuse for the majority of people to find for themselves I don’t want to do it, why waste my youth here, I think everyone has just come to a new job or have confidence in their work.)

4. If there is any benefit in the long-term action now (in fact, if we act now, the pressure on our heart will be much less, even if such action can't be effective immediately, but when we finish the day, there will be an easy Sense ------ We have truly passed this day, if we persist in this way, we will have a strong desire to succeed in our hearts)

5. When do I have to act! How to improve (give yourself a specific time, don't let yourself be free in an imaginary excuse - I will act! What is difficult in action! Just not in time!! Decisive action Of course his premise is that you have to know how to improve)