Li Denya brand women to create a model of fashion


Brand Name: LI DENGYA Chinese Name: Li Denya Brand Interpretation: Natural Beauty Denpasar brand connotation: Let modern city women's life bring a relaxed, a fashion brand style: romantic and elegant and generous and comfortable design concept: According to the prevailing market characteristics, the elegance and elegance of oriental culture is in harmony with the simplicity and generousness of western culture. With its unique perspective, it interprets the meaning of fashion, harmonizing its fashion elements with the traditional culture in our country. The novelty Unique; Design Features: Implicit style of the design atmosphere, chic and not trivial, smooth lines of natural; using a variety of modern and scientific production methods, cleverly integrated into the fashion elements of a variety of styles between the mix and match between colors and interspersed ; Focus on popular fashion refraction in life; Fabric Features: breathable natural linen as the preferred, comfortable and healthy environment-friendly cotton, linen, polyester and other fabrics Price positioning: Spring and summer products 168-400 yuan autumn and winter products 200-800 yuan Consumer positioning: 25-38-year-old urban fashion business strategy women: high-quality low-cost close to large All into the life contact Mr. Ke: