Mark Fairwhale: declined disguise, the internationalization of the brand in the end


Beijing bustling commercial district of a department store, Mark Fairwhale JEANS men's clothing store busy, shopping guide enthusiastically introduced to customers JEANS spring and summer new products, the dressing room in front of a long line up, some male customers even despite the image of the hanger near the off The shirt try on the latest spring ... only half a day, the store has sold tens of thousands of performance, shopping guide Zhang told reporters that this bustling scene in the weekend is ubiquitous, if catch up with holiday promotions more explosive ... ... In the crowd, the reporter found a female customer for her boyfriend in the selection of jackets, she admitted that Mark Fairwhale clothes good shape, texture of the clothes is not bad. Mark Fairwhale, many people will think of their design and style of the international fashion style, which must benefit from Mark Fairwhale adhere to the international route of the brand development strategy. As China's original fashion brand, Mark Fairwhale has so far focused on cultivating people's fashion consumption patterns and concepts, to explore suitable for the Chinese market, an international mode of operation, and strive to create a Chinese local international fashion brand. It is reported that Mark Fairwhale focus on international, from the European fashion capital of Paris, Italy and other places brings together an international design team in the product planning, fashion trends on the formation of a management system to learn inspiration from international designers, art Inspiration, the fashion culture in Europe and other places implanted Mark Fairwhale its own brand of genes. From plate-making to sample-making production, from cut to detail, Mark Fairwhale, with the inspiration and design concept of international designers, tells the world with Chinese voice that fashion has no boundaries and fashion is an attitude. Fashion is a philosophy. Of course, only the design concept is not enough, to become an international fashion brand, the quality of the goods have to match the brand. It is reported that Mark Fairwhale not only spared no effort in style design, product quality has also been strictly regulated. Mark Fairwhale will fabric as the first design, selected fabrics from Italy, Japan, South Korea and other countries to import, select high-end boarding process, pay attention to the details of the process version of the model to design the most suitable Asian body version. In addition, Mark Fairwhale use the best quality garment factory, product design and technology into production, to ensure the quality and taste of goods. In the recent autumn and winter conference of Mark Fairwha New Gentlemen, Mark Fairwhale CEO Yang Kuntian said: There is no boundary in fashion. It is undesirable for blind pursuit of national tonalities. Chinese domestic brands have always had to talk to the world and go along with the world. Mark Fairwhale since its inception adhere to the international route, not only to bring people the best wearing experience, but also to pass on to consumers fashion, international lifestyle and fashion trends.