Name shield brand men's achievement brand classic


Inheritance of the glory of the name shield, in the classic portrayal of fashion epic, full of reverie and delicate texture. Since the first day of the birth of the shield, the brand name of the shield heritage of aristocratic inheritance. Today, the sublimated "M & D" image that has been developed is shining a glittering glory. Named shield so confident, can not be separated from the designer team for two decades the pursuit of classical heritage and fashion elements and integration. Name shield with classic elegant style opened the glory days. Named shield design team suit and fashion art has a natural keen, always lost no time to the perfect combination of the two, the success of the brand classic. "Let every name shield design be a testimony of the glory of history so that every name wearer has an inheritance ..." The name design team has adhered to the apparel and the wearer's system for two decades. The history behind the glory behind every successful elite can always be best explained by name clothing. Shenzhen Zhao Jia Trade Development Co., Ltd. was formally established in 1989, as a shield brand holding company, solely responsible for its promotion and sales in the Chinese market. Over the years, the company adhering to the East-West culture closely integrated design philosophy, superb technology and original brand promotion strategy in the Chinese apparel market strategizing. Through the continuous efforts and exploration of Zhaigaoshen, Zhisheng always holds the leading position in middle and high-end menswear market in the Pearl River Delta. The stores owned by Zhaopin are mainly distributed in southern China with annual sales rising steadily, laying a good foundation for enterprise development. In recent years, the well-known shield gradually seize the northern market, expanding the brand's influence in China. The success of the name shield can not be separated from the excellent design team formed by the trillion good company and brand promotion team. Team brings together the industry veteran who attaches great importance to apparel design and research and development, with high-grade fabric, unique design, the aristocratic fashion atmosphere infiltrated the details of the famous shield clothing.