Shanshan boutique suit young healthy fashion endorsement


Shanshan Group was founded in 1989, after 20 years of development, has formed across the region, cross-industry 102 independent legal personality of subordinate enterprises. Shanshan Group in 2010 with sales of 14.2 billion yuan, with total assets of more than 16.9 billion yuan, the industry involves the fashion industry, new energy and new materials, investment, park development, international trade, six major sectors of cultural industries, which owns Shanshangufen and Section Yinghua two listed companies. Shanshan suit is China's domestic brand is Shanshan's core brand. As the domestic apparel industry's brand, formed a dress, business, leisure and other series of products. Shanshan brand ambassador: Liu Xiang. Shanshan on behalf of the "young", "healthy" and "fashion." In the specialization and diversification, Zheng Yonggang found a fulcrum - "Chinese-style trading company." With the release of Shanshan Group's new logo, a new Shanshan commercial empire based on integrated trading houses emerged.