Inspired by the "tulip kingdom" healthy underwear brand in Holland - Laik


Underwear can not only play a protective role on the body, more shaping, isolation and bacterial invasion and so important effect, as people's living standards continue to improve, people have more requirements in the selection of underwear, style, cutting, fabric and The integration of fashion factors and so on, has become an important basis for people purchasing underwear. However, the lingerie market quite a mixed bag, starting from the ZARA, underwear, socks, children's wear and so on a variety of clothing was burst quality problems exist, thus, quality and safety issues are mentioned cusp, much attention, and therefore, consumers have underwear Higher requirements, not only beautiful, comfortable, health has become the primary choice factor. Xiao Bian today recommended for you inspired by a "tulip kingdom" the Netherlands under the brand of healthy underwear - Laik.


Laik product line includes fashion underwear, fashion underwear, underwear, fashion socks, fashion home clothing and other fashion accessories and so on. Laik since its inception, adhere to innovative fashion, the pursuit of the perfect quality never ending, won the European, American and Asian consumers. "At your fingertips, the skin is speechless," is what Laik has to say about modern underwear.