2012 "Mullensa" autumn and winter new product launch


Manza “Marenca” advocated the concept of “exquisite living beyond 8 hours” and recently launched the 2012 Autumn Winter Press Conference at Hangzhou First World Hotel.

Manza “Marenca” advocated the concept of “exquisite living beyond 8 hours” and recently launched the 2012 Autumn Winter Press Conference at Hangzhou First World Hotel.

Malenza's new product launch this season introduced four series of more than 300 new models. The design concept is centered around exquisite lifestyles, showing four major life scenarios: sports vacation, outdoor leisure, elegant home, and sexy fashion.
In the autumn/winter 2012, Malenza's new product takes the theme of “Exquisite Living beyond 8 Hours” and combines the three major design elements of “Holiday”, “Navy Style” and “British Style”. This year’s hot hits and romantic exotics Style patterns and fashionable and diverse styles create a series of high-quality home clothes that can be worn by home, leisure, sports, and outdoors for urban women who pursue fashion and love life and their families.
In the 8 hours of busy working hours, more and more urban women are playing a role in the workplace. And after 8 hours, when they kicked off their high heels and changed into casual and comfortable home clothes, they also hoped to live a refined and stylish home life. Marenca has become a personal life consultant for the modern family “exquisite life beyond 8 hours” with its unique design, comfortable texture, elegant elegance and a romantic and youthful style.

Marlensa autumn and winter paragraph home service, continuation of the spring and summer models "British Navy" design style, blending a romantic watermelon red, blue, light pink stripes, innocent anchor, shields, lifebuoy patterns, able to reveal Some naughty and sexy double-breasted designs use pure cotton and coral fleece fabrics that seem to exude London's sunshine and grassy aroma. On the T stage, between light and shadow, we seem to have performed a field crossing with the models. Time and place of travel. Beyond bondage, breaking stubbornness, temporarily forgetting a fierce career life, as Marenza finds herself, finds happiness, and re-exploits the possibility of new life!

Malenza advocates the exquisite life of 8 hours outside urban women, creating a healthy and comfortable living environment. Marenca combines beauty and comfort to express a unique, simple, low-key and open-minded new concept of home through the interpretation of different relaxed and relaxed lifestyles. This is in line with the pursuit of quality and love of freedom in the heart of modern women. The longing.
Exquisite life, refusal to mediocrity, and refusal to pursue blindly are long-lasting desires in the heart. They are boundless for a better life.

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