Zhou Shaoxiong, chairman of Septwolves, diversifies his layout and targets blank fields


Since the beginning of this year, Zhou Shaoxiong, the chairman of Seven Wolf, has appeared on the T stage with entertainers and is active in various social media outlets. Behind this, the path of seven wolves marching into the fashion industry is embodied. The company's full cooperation with Huayi Brothers, from film and television advertisements to celebrity endorsements, has been evaluated by the outside world as the largest integration of apparel companies and film and television industry.
In 2011, when the garment industry encountered Waterloo, seven wolves had a net profit of 410 million yuan during the same period, a year-on-year increase of 46%, and the growth rate was 7 percentage points higher than that in 2010. Compared with his peers, seven wolves can be said to be the front-line charge, but Zhou Shaoxiong does not want to talk about past achievements. How to capture other “blank areas” is something he has been thinking about recently.

Diversified layout

Most people only know that seven wolves are a men's wear brand and are the first listed company in the “Shupai” outfit, and also the first in domestic casual wear. However, few people know that seven wolves are outside of clothing and they have different layouts for finance and real estate. However, these are all focused on the seven wolves group level.

In 2000, Septwolves Group established Seven Wolf Brewing Co., Ltd. to produce and sell seven wolves "white wine", "wine" and "beer", and entered the liquor market with a unique market operation mode of "licensing". In 2008, seven wolves had invested heavily in Guizhou Dong wine.

In terms of financial investment, Sept. Wolf Group holds bank shares such as Industrial Bank and Everbright Bank, and securities stocks such as Zhongshan Securities and Guotai Junan. It also owns Sunshine Insurance, Shenzhen Innovation Investment, Seven Septwolves Venture Capital and other financial participation control rights.

This is not the full version yet. Take the non-financial company's equity as an example. In addition to well-known plum umbrellas, Septwolves Group has invested heavily in Heilongjiang Longmei Mining Group, Liuzhou Bus, Guizhou Dongjiu, Wanlishi and many other companies. In addition, many companies in China's first and second tier cities Intensive commercial properties, office buildings, commercial stores, hotels and other projects.

In this regard, Zhou Shaoxiong emphasized that “including participation in the Yunfeng Fund, etc., just represent the seven-wolves group level, seven wolves industry will concentrate on clothing.”

This point is also reflected in the mid-to-high end of the seven wolves are opening up the field of clothing. Last year, seven wolves acquired 100% equity of Hangzhou Kenner for 70 million yuan, helping Hangzhou Kenname to open 15 Canali brand outlets and 4 Versace outlets nationwide. At the same time, seven wolves invested more than 100 million yuan in the construction of seven wolves Chinese men's museum in their industrial park, for the transmission of Chinese men's culture.

A brokerage researcher who has been tracking seven wolves for a long time told reporters that “seven wolves have performed well in the secondary market. Their largest gold content is precisely what other assets currently appear to be insulated from listed companies.” It is understood that only in 2008 The 170 million shares of Industrial Bank, which have been fully circulated, have a market value of 5.4 billion yuan.

Do not rule out hatching sub-brand possible

According to Everbright Securities research data, seven penguins in 2012 two orders have been held in spring and summer, the amount of the order will increase by 30%, price increase 15% to 20%, autumn and winter orders will increase the amount of orders will be added 25% to 30%, straight The camp has grown by about 30%, exceeding market expectations.

In the first quarter of this year, seven wolves also maintained adjusted growth, net profit reached 174 million yuan, up 37.72% year-on-year, and gross profit margin increased by 3.13 percentage points to 43.76%. In the same period inventory fell to 545 million, a decrease of 15.18% compared to the end of last year.

"Some multinational brands have achieved annual sales of 5 billion to 10 billion U.S. dollars. For example, POLO is 6 billion to 7 billion U.S. dollars each year, and BOSS is more than 8 billion euros, but seven wolves still have a scale of about 3 billion U.S. dollars. There is a lot of space for development.” Zhou Shaoxiong said that the seven wolves are currently a single-brand and multi-series strategy. In the future, in order to expand their business, they do not rule out the possibility of hatching sub-brands. He set seven wolves to maintain an annual growth rate of around 30%. Achieve the goal of a sales scale of 10 billion yuan.

Recently, seven wolves have just completed a round of RMB 1.8 billion in financing for channel expansion and construction, mainly building shops in busy commercial streets.

As a leading figure in the garment industry in Fujian, people who are familiar with Zhou Shaoxiong are used to calling him “Jia Dong” or “Wolf King”.

In the 1980s, the three brothers of the Zhou family had a good job before doing business. The boss Zhou Yongwei worked in the bank and the second week Zhou Shaoxiong worked in the Xinhua Bookstore. At the time, the countryside was considered a golden rice bowl, but he held “out of the door”. Do not starve to death, Zhou Shaoxiong still went out.

Starting from the fabrics business, it later opened a garment factory - Jinjiang labor overseas Chinese hometown clothing factory, which is the predecessor of the seven wolves.

Although nearly half a year, Zhou Shaoxiong still maintains a high-intensity work pace and efficiency. A seven-women employee told the reporter that “With the continuous expansion of the seven wolves, Jay has become a truly 'flying trapeze' and often flies back from abroad. He is in no time at all, and immediately returns to the office to work in the middle of the night.”

Zhou Shaoxiong told the reporter of the "First Financial Daily", "A long time has been used to this kind of life, life is part of the work."

Indifferent, easy-going, and without a shelf, this is the style of most of Mao's entrepreneurs. Zhou Shaoxiong is no exception. He claimed to himself: "Don't say I'm a cultural person. I'm also a grassroots worker in southern Fujian. At most, I'm a Greenwood hero."

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