Large-eyed pig children's clothing for children to create a comfortable self-life


Let children have a comfortable life is the most anticipated parents. Big eyed pig children's clothing for children to create a comfortable self-life. Big-eyed pig brand children's wear factory advocates the harmony of nature and human, the product closely follows the development trend of the international children's wear, combining the style of the individual's taste and the application of the fine fabric, giving the product more spirituality and life concept. Designed to create personalized fashion, interpretation of alternative fashion, and strive to show the Chinese children's personality and taste. Big-eyed pigs Big-eyed pigs is a children's clothing brand founded by Zhengzhou JIJANG Family Garments Co., Ltd. The company is a comprehensive development of children's clothing and operation of "factory-shop mode". It is a design, production and sales of children's wear Prestigious group, modern, diversified, global, electronic super-large children's clothing business. Produced by children's clothing as the core, launched a series of complementary products, covering children's wear, Tongmao, children's shoes, accessories, toys and so on. So that its style of continuous innovation, strict quality control, improve sales services to enhance the brand in the market competitiveness.

PTFE Adhesive Tape is made of PTFE Coated Fabrics, single surface treated and coated with a high-temperature-resistant, silicone, with pressure-sensitive adhesive coated on back side.

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PTFE Adhesive Tape

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