Deep East-ho fashion business men brilliant debut 2012 Shenzhen Fashion Show


Deep East-ho fashion business men brilliant debut 2012 Shenzhen Fashion Show. Passing deep Dong Hao "advocating quality of life" concept of culture, so that men elegant and natural distribution of elegant temperament. The origin of deep Dong Hao can be traced back to a simple concept, that is, with a unique fashion style, to meet the consumer needs of young people. In 2000, Shen Dong Hao is a small shop in Shenzhen, Monopoly was not popular European apparel brand, this is where everything started. This small shop was immediately become the trend of the Holy Land, attracting many trendy and stylish customers, since then, these loyal customers will be deep Dong Hao towards smooth success, deep East also because of its Hao In the era of cutting-edge popular style, synonymous with young fashion. Deep East-ho fashion business men inherited the original European exquisite quality and elegant style, but also take full account of the oriental humanities and cultural connotations, is designed for international fashion and successful men's fashion business and casual wear, which encompasses today's The world's top men's fashion elements, but also in line with the domestic target consumer aesthetic point of view and wear fun, is committed to guiding the development trend of domestic fashion business men, acting classical costume art "upright, confident, courageous, straight forward" vitality, the pursuit of "simple , Fine review, business fashion "taste. Shen Dong Hao, is a symbol of culture, is a noble philosophy of life. Shen Dong-ho advocate the integration of Chinese and Western fashion, taste of life temperament, focusing on the transmission of deep Dong Hao "advocating quality of life," the concept of culture, so elegant and elegant natural man to disseminate the temperament. "Free art" is our original attitude towards life, which gives us the glamor of male charisma. It enables us to actively look for a beautiful view of things, and turn it into a product of our company and let everyone have The same pleasing feeling. If art is a collective phenomenon, perhaps Dong Ho-ho is the magic mirror that presents this phenomenon to everyone. Honor or fashion Ye Hao, the key is to seek beautiful original, self-positive attitude, truly, be confident man!

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