Summary of emergency maintenance methods for tent poles


The main purpose of the pole is to support the clothes, shelter from the wind. Therefore, it requires good toughness, high elasticity, and should not be broken. The distinction between good and bad is also mainly reflected in this.

Under normal circumstances, everyone will choose aluminum rods. Many people choose aluminum rods because subjectively think that aluminum rods will be lighter than drill rods. Actual aluminum rods are similar in weight to glass rods, and some are even heavier than drill rods. And the actual support characteristics of the fiberglass rod is slightly higher than that of the ordinary aluminum rod. But one of his most important weaknesses is long-term repeated use, and it is easy to crack when used at low temperatures, losing its original elasticity, and sometimes breaking it!

However, it should be noted that this low temperature has to reach -20 before it appears, so glass drill tents will generally distribute a length of aluminum tube to prevent spare! But the latest one, Luxe, recently introduced the "PE fiberglass rod", which changed this shortcoming. It used PE material to wrap the carbon fiber to prevent cracking, and also improved the support of the carbon fiber rod 50/100. Although the weight has increased, but the price is cheap! Its support characteristics are increased by 120% compared to aluminum rods, while the general glass rod bracing characteristics are only 40% higher than aluminum rods.

The glass drill rod is divided into a yellow rod and a black rod. Among them, the black rod is the most common, but the quality performance of the yellow rod is much better, and many high-altitude accounts are yellow rods.

The aluminum rods are divided into a wide variety, except for the difference in the specifications of the brand, materials, and place of origin. It is difficult to find out at one time! However, most of the common rods are Korean aviation aluminum rods with a bottom cost, and this quality aluminum rod also has a fatal disadvantage, that is, it is easy to change.

The quality of aluminum rods is generally not easy to distinguish, but the real aluminum crucible is generally not easy to bend with a single-stage aluminum rod. Generally, it is easy to bend, fine workmanship, smooth appearance, compact interface, bright paint, not easy to fall off, texture And in each section of the club head will be engraved with the brand name, light texture, high elasticity, generally 4 meters long 8MM aluminum rod can be nested into a circle and constantly! And after a few days of bending for a long time, it can rebound to a straight bar after being released! Only such an aluminum rod can reach the level of the glass rod.

The number of other cockroaches is also very important. Generally speaking, the more cockroaches, the more stable, the higher the performance of wind resistance and snow-proof collapse, so the average mountain account will choose to use 5 竿 or more 支撑 to support! When a general friend chooses a tent, at the same price, he chooses a camping tent with only two aluminum poles, and gives up the high-altitude account with three carbon fiber rods, but I don’t know that there are three carbon fiber rods in the windproof and supporting characteristics. The plateau account is 150% higher than the former, which is a serious misunderstanding.

In general, the aluminum rod is still relatively strong. As for why it collapses, I estimate that the socket is not fully inserted and begins to bend the aluminum tube, resulting in excessive local stress in the direction of bending.

Summary of the aluminum rod repair process is as follows:
Grind the sharp part of the section to avoid damage to the tent cloth and the repairing tape. Rotate the aluminum rod so that the damage is perpendicular to the bending direction of the pole. That is, the general pole is bent up and down. The upper part is the most stressed. It should be damaged and disposed on the left and right. The strongest tape is tightly wrapped around the socket and the breakage.
In addition, I have the following experience:
When you support a tent, you must tighten the rod interface before you start to bend. Nothing to watch the tent. The debris of the aluminum rod collapse is estimated to be very sharp. If it collapses into the eyes or the throat, the consequences must be serious. If possible, carry a tape such as tape. , spare fasteners and other repair equipment; if it is to go to the cold and dangerous areas, the tent must have redundant space, that is, if the team has 4 people, the tents to be carried should meet the space of 6 people, and at least ensure that any certain tent damage can cope Otherwise, once the damage can not be repaired, there will inevitably be life-threatening

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