2012 Shenzhen Apparel Show - Love yarn Group Chairman Mr. Zou Jifu interview


From July 8 to July 10, 2012, the twelfth China (Shenzhen) international brand apparel and apparel fair will bloom at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center as scheduled. As a leader in underwear brand - Love yarn apparel group led a delegation visited the event, keep abreast of the development trend of the industry concerned about the trend. China Beauty Network reporter is very honored to interview the Love yarn clothing group executive director and marketing director Mr. Zou Jifu.


China Beauty Network: Zou, you can tell us about our company and the company's brand an overview of it?

Zou Zong: Shenzhen Love yarn Clothing Co., Ltd. Was established in 2010, is a specialized brand women 's functional underwear, research, development, production and marketing in one of the modern enterprise. Owns the "Love yarn Baby, Baiyou Ti, GETFIT, IFEICE Ai Fei," the four underwear brands. Now the flagship brand is love yarn baby, Love yarn baby from September 8, 2010 in Zhejiang Jinhua Intime's first store opening, now has more than 300 stores, of which more than 130 outlets owned.

China Beauty Network: That is the main distribution of the store where it is?

Zou: Now the main store is still concentrated in Zhejiang, Chongqing, Guangdong, these three places. This year we will fully expand!

China Beauty Network: That the development of our company over the years formed what brand of advantage?

Zou Zong: Our products and other brands have a unique advantage, we take the difference line. Ordinary bra is a steel ring, and our groundbreaking use of "memory titanium bra." The so-called "memory titanium alloy bra," as its name implies, is a bra with memory. In fact, it is a special underwear ring, which is characterized by anti-corrosion, allergy, high toughness, super elasticity, memory, deformation, memory, safety and comfort, breast enhancement, memory ring is a titanium alloy, With shape memory function. Bending anyway, will be based on the memory back to the original shape, to achieve the effect of no distortion. Memory alloy with high toughness and superelastic than the traditional high-carbon steel lighter, softer, wear stainless steel ring after the squeeze feeling, there will be no deep indentation, so as to maintain the breast parts of the blood of various functions Normal operation, long-term memory bra can effectively prevent the incidence of breast cancer. Therefore, our brand is very popular in the country, our single-store sales up to more than 3 million a year, at least there are 800,000 a year.

China Beauty Network: Yes, these are our magic in the market competition! I know that our love yarn brand in 2010 launched Love yarn baby health conditioning underwear, truly "understanding of women, analysis of women," specifically how to do it?

Zou Zong: China's underwear culture started relatively late, rising after the 1980s. Before the 1980s, Chinese women wore their bellybands made of cloth. Only by the 1980s did they introduce a series of underwear brands imported from abroad. Therefore, all Underwear are designed to European women's body size, but in fact, European women and Oriental women's body size is very different. Because there is no right choice for their own chest underwear, resulting in more and more women suffering from breast disease. And we love yarn baby underwear, adhere to the production of health underwear-oriented, based on ergonomics, aesthetics, design, in accordance with the characteristics of oriental women's body, selected high-tech high-quality fabrics, drawing the world's most fashionable elements, to maintain Love yarn baby brand market attention and brand differentiation, intentions to protect women's physical and mental health.

China Beauty Network: That we love yarn brand new underwear in 2012 What are the characteristics? Can you give us a brief introduction?

Zou total: Through the two years of market operation found that in the past our color is more monotonous, darker colors, so we made some adjustments in 2012, we have to embark on a stylish adjustment of the line, based on the adjustment to increase the number of fashion elements , So that more young consumers to accept.

China Beauty Network: That we love yarn brand underwear brand positioning and consumer groups positioning is like?

Zou total: we are positioned in the high-end underwear brand, the consumer group was previously targeted at 30 years of age, in 2012, we changed the road after the fashion adjustment underwear line, our consumer group positioning will be 20-45 years old, so that more Young fashion women can wear, fall in love with baby yarn underwear.

China Beauty Network: I know we love yarn baby underwear R & D center brings together the world's top underwear designer, can you tell us about our design team?

Zou Zong: Our chief designer is AdaChen in Hong Kong. As the chief designer of Love yarn clothing "Love yarn health conditioning underwear," he was elected as "the most successful business woman designer of the year" in Hong Kong in 2007; Under the International High Fashion Design Award Cila Award in the "Best Underwear Fashion Award."

China Beauty Network: Many advantages will attract the attention of many dealers, then you can take this opportunity to introduce our company's joining policy and some new preferential policies?

Zou always joined our lovers underwear brand are joined a successful one, we are nanny-style whole shop output services, dealers only need to invest, from the site to the decoration design, pre-sales, staff training, our company will be Help them finish. This is our nanny-style whole shop output.

China Beauty Network: Like our company for fashion events are very concerned about, but also actively involved, that this time we visit the clothing show, what is the harvest?

Zou Zong: The Shenzhen Fashion Fair held is very successful, and we did not participate in the show, because we participated in the Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Exhibition in May. Shenzhen Fashion Show is all-encompassing, while the lingerie show is targeted, both of which have their own advantages. Next year's words, we may also be possible to participate because I believe that attending the Shenzhen Garment Show allows more people to know that we Love yarn underwear, to enhance our visibility.

China Beauty Network: brand promotion is the establishment of the brand, an important part of the maintenance process, I do not know what brand we have to promote it?

Zou Zong: On TV commercials, we will advertise at local stations this year and broadcast on mobile media. In the traditional media, we will publicize in some important newspapers and magazines. There is the online media, we will continue to strengthen!

China Beauty Network: Our company's promotion methods and channels are very comprehensive too! According to our survey of Chinese beauty network statistics, we love yarn brand in the market response was good, do not know in recent years or longer love yarn brand what the development plan? Can we describe it?

Zou Zong: This year we plan to add 300 new stores, and we have considerable confidence to complete. And we have a more ambitious goal is to strive to Love yarn Group 2018 and the successful listing.

China Beauty Network: Well, thanks Zou busy today to accept our interview, let us love yarn brand has a more in-depth understanding, where I represent our Chinese beauty network Love yarn brand in the future development Better and better, early realization of the brand vision!

Zou: Thank you very much for your support of China Beauty website, thank you!

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