Small plaything children's clothing allows you to experience the feel of the sea Qin Shu cool summer


The sea can encompass everything, giving us a broad and broad feeling, while the summer months, refreshing cool ocean people feel good. This summer, a playful kid's party dress takes your child's breath in the ocean and gives your child a cool summer day. Prank Kids Prank Kids vigorously advocate the consumption of green products, so that children can be harmless in the healthy and happy growth is our eternal goal of small play. To high-quality goods, mid-range price none other social benefits to support the principle of the entire monopoly career. Small play skin children's clothing Shishi City play leather clothing Weaving Co., Ltd. is the French poker skin (Hong Kong) International Group Co., Ltd. core members, set up in 2002 China Monopoly Division, was authorized to exercise the small play children's clothing brand and trademark intellectual property rights Production and sales of the only distributor. The company will rely on favorable business opportunities to implement its brand strategy. The full implementation of ISO9001 international quality system certification, to ensure efficient operation of enterprises and continuously improve product quality.

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