Jennifer lingerie show women unlimited luster


Woman budding flower bud Jennifer underwear brand for a woman's figure to be more wonderful presentation, simple fashion style design, with the most popular elements nowadays, so that women feel the graceful figure at the same time can experience their own fashion Personality side. Jennifer's design using the finest fabrics, comfortable and soft, like a woman wrapped in water, and women share the charm.

珍妮花 - Jeniform

珍妮花内衣 展现女人无限光彩

Jennifer underwear brand: a budding woman budding fashion personality Jennifer underwear brand. Unique product design will show the most youthful side of women, as long as the Jennifer brand underwear, women's figure will not lose glory with the passage of time, Jennifer brand underwear will make women want the body to budge The bud has the same radiant attractive radiance.

Rayon Crepe is thin plain weave fabric which has longitudinal uniform wrinkle in surface.The Weft direction has a good elasticity.The fabric yarn count commonly use more than 40S.Warp yarn use  common yarn and weft yarn is the strong twisted yarn after finalize setting.Generally when do pretreatment,  the fabric go though  the hot water or hot alkali treatment of certain time,  it will shrink in width , so that form full uniform wrinkles.Beside weft  can use strong twisted yarn and ordinary yarn alternately,  maaking into herringbone wrinkles crepe. The cloth is wrinkled, thin and soft, fresh and easy to dye.rayon crepe

Rayon Crepe

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