Witnessing the legend of Chinese children's wear


Driven by the parent-child economy, China's children's clothing industry has developed rapidly. Recently, the well-known children's wear brand Coco can hold a grand "Happy Decade? Gratitude 10 Years" celebration on July 8. The CCTV Children's Channel Leader, Guangdong Provincial Government Leader, Foshan Municipal Party Committee Leader and Guangdong Provincial Designer The important guests of the Association, including the president, cheered on the scene to celebrate the 10th Anniversary celebration and became the epitome of prosperity for the children's wear industry in China. It witnessed the fruitful achievements of the Chinese children's wear industry for ten years!

According to the reporter’s knowledge at the scene, the scenes of the 10th anniversary celebration of the Cognac brand of Foshan Carnival Co., Ltd. and the 2012 winter new product ordering event were exceptionally hot, attracting more than a thousand industry professionals to attend the meeting. The scene was magnificent. At the same time, the General Assembly also invited CCTV Children’s Channel Director Wang Guoyu, Guangdong Provincial Government leaders, Foshan Municipal Party Committee Chairman, Guangdong Designers Association President, Google’s senior leaders, BMW Asia Pacific General Manager and other celebrities to attend the meeting and become nearly ten. China's children's wear industry has been the most splendid group ever! It is worth mentioning that the conference also mobilized four BMW X1 and four Toyota Camry to help out on the spot, as a huge reward for the Coke Keqi brand dealers, its shocking and magnificent scene is the industry's most!

In this "Happy Decade Years? Thanksgiving Decade" celebration and new product launch, the company's chairman, Mr. Yan Jiahua, and the CCTV Children's Channel, Wang Guoyu, held a grand cooperation and signing ceremony, and formally wrote the book. CCTV's strong strategic blueprint for the future. As we all know, as the most authoritative and influential TV media platform in China, CCTV can undoubtedly witness the cooperation with CCTV and is a manifestation of the company’s strong brand capital. In this regard, the company’s chairman, Mr. Yan Jiahua, said in an interview with a media reporter that cooperation with CCTV on the occasion of the tenth anniversary is a witness to the brilliant ten years of the Cognac brand of the carnival company and a strategic layout for market expansion.

At the same time, at the celebration meeting, the reporter also noticed that the company had donated 12 students from poor students in Hengyang, Hunan Province, reflecting the love and gratitude of a loving company. It is reported that Kek Keqi has been tirelessly engaged in public welfare undertakings, never vocal, but perseverance, which has also become a "different" in the children's products industry in China. In addition to this, in the new product release section, Creche can fully display its latest 2012 winter apparel products. Due to its novel style, fine craftsmanship, and fashionable design elements, it has won a wide range of participating dealers. Praise.

It is reported that Foshan Carnival Co., Ltd. is a leading brand in the children's products industry in China. After a decade of baptism, it has become a leader in the children's wear industry. In fact, the company's success is largely due to focus, and Yan Jiahua's own phrase "Never make business other than children's wear" is the best interpretation of the company's unique personality. "Focusing on innovation and pursuing passion" is the driving force behind the embarrassment. "Yonghuai's Gratitude" is the guiding target of its public welfare undertakings. Based on this, Que Keqi can adopt an advanced "brand franchise agency" business model. , has formed a systematic brand identification system, operation decision-making, management system, training system. "Happy ten years? Thanksgiving ten years", we have reason to believe that with the start of the Foshan Carnival Company Coco Keqi 10 years celebration, China's children's wear industry is another legendary decade will soon begin!

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