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Every child is a god-given treasure. We strive to find your child a fashionable children's clothing for him. Choose in you, intentions in our one-stop shopping model for children's wear, covering children's fashion from 3-15 years old of different ages. Update fast, new models, the amount of products is our constant pursuit. So that each baby can find in this one belongs to his own personality fashion children's clothing. Childhood is beautiful, stylish childhood is happy, 1 + 2 = 3 children's clothing, in colorful colors and changing styles, creating a sense of fashion for children, more styles can give children more choices, performance A brand positioning to showcase its own growth culture. To their health, happiness, vitality, fashion, reflected in their lives. Bid farewell to his monotonous wardrobe, for your baby to start his new fashion children's clothing it. Brand Meaning: Our growth is like a simple addition problem. Continued addition of our growth. Contains a lot of our hope, 1 + 2 = 3 means a family Family, a group of cultural company. When we children started with a simple addition, we understood the beginning of the world and also symbolized the continuous surpassing of ourselves in the constant accumulation of our large family.

Around April 2017, our gemstone supplier gave us a rose quartz roller(a handheld massaging tool), and he told us that this beauty product is called Jade Roller and it a has a huge market. He suggested that we develop such products. Since then, we have developed this new product line of jade roller. Now we have self-owned factory, we can offer high quality jade roller for global customer with wholesale price.

Benefits of jade roller:

  • Aids in supporting the lymphatic system & help lymph node detoxification
  • Supports lymphatic drainage to reduce the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles

Advantage of our product:

  • High quality & wholesale price $3.5
  • Factory direct sale
  • Small MOQ as 16 pieces
  • Support custom packaging

Jade Roller

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