Fu Tai Fook jewelery princess gaga brand with three major product series debut in 2012 Shenzhen Fashion Show


On July 8-10, 2012, the princess gaga brand of Fu Tai Fook Jewelery Co., Ltd. has taken part in the 2012 Trade Fairs with three major product lines, including the royal princess series, the handmade boutique series and the modern series. The show, princess gaga dazzling, beautiful, attracting a lot of visitors. princess gaga absorbed into Europe's classic luxury, the United States simple romance and the East's traditional classical, at the same time the introduction of India's golden jewelry for thousands of years, creating a unique royal princess, Indian style, handmade Pierre products, modern fashion Four major series of themes, each with its own characteristics, extremely beautiful, fully demonstrated its unique mixed-brand flavor. The ancestors of the blessing of Fuk Fook Jewelery was originally a palace jeweler at the end of the Qing dynasty. His descendants are jewels craftsmen, especially bracelets. They are deeply loved by the society. In 1990, the new millennium approaching, the family after more than a century of accumulation of brewing, and finally decided to create a jewelry family business, advancing with the times, formally from jewelry craftsmen to the enterprise road, has gradually become a set design, production, processing, wholesale, retail In one of the large jewelry business. In 2003, the family business matured, the family formally established an independent brand, feeling the family heritage, the family named the brand "Fortune" in honor of the ancestor, meaning "rich and powerful, good luck." princess gaga brand in order to meet the majority of consumers Western-style, aesthetics, invites European professional design team fencing design, tailor-made, really originated from the European fashion original style, followed the pace of global fashion, regularly updated part of the series , Making princess gaga brand always go in the forefront of fashion, widely sought after by young people now, never out of date.

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